Race Retro Classic Car Sale 2012

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1934 MG PA Supercharged Sports

Lot No.: 139

Registration: BME 394
Chassis Number: P 0522
Engine Number: 821 AP
Year of Manufacture: 1934
Sold for (£): 36,500

It is difficult to give a respectful-enough account of the history of this car and it's amazing owner of 62 years, Len Miller. Len was one of lifes true heroes. As a young man, he trained as a marine engineer but was refused entry to his first love, the RAF, so re-applied stating he was a plumber and in 1942 was sent for flight training in Canada. On return a year later, he met Guy Gibson (of the Dam Busters) who drove a J2 MG and immediately purchased his own MG, a 'P' type, namely ‘BME 394' offered today. Len became a bomber pilot and was known to regularly ferry his six man crew and himself out to their waiting plane with one man on each corner, one on the rad, and two inside!

Len was ejected from his Lancaster bomber in 1944 at 20,000ft, lost consciousness, regained it, managed to manually open his chute (still attached, but floating above him) and finally landed in a tree in occupied Germany. His miraculous one-man escape through Germany, France and Switzerland is all recorded in the marvellous book - 'Bomber Squadron, the Men who Flew with 15 Squadron' - that accompanies and must remain with the car. He was highly decorated for his incredible RAF service.

When Len was finally repatriated, he was re-united with his 'P' type and it never left him until his death in 2002. In 1987, the car was a victim of the infamous hurricane resulting in a roof collapsing across the radiator and bonnet, thus provoking a thorough rebuild. The block had suffered a crack so this was changed for another (hence engine number change) but wherever possible the original equipment from the factory was retained. Dispensation was given to a beautiful set of seats from Collingburn which have grown a delightful patina commensurate to factory originals, a repaint, new chrome and general restoration completed the car. Subsequently a small side-mounted Arnott supercharger was installed and this is how the car remains today.

The car still carries the insignia of '15 Squadron', its original pre-war aero screens, water pump, factory speedo, the original buff log-book with its RAF stamping, the book 'Bomber Squadron', the original chassis file, a copy of the original Arnott S/C installation instructions, an historical article entitled "A Tale of Two Survivors" by Malcolm Green, together with invoices, photographs and general correspondence.

Recently acquiring a full bill of health from a respected marque specialist, we have no hesitation in offering this beautiful motor car so that it may begin another 62 year love affair with it's new owner!