2013 The Silverstone Classic Sale

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1942 Ford Jeep

Lot No.: 402

Registration: OSU 586
Chassis Number: Not Specified
Engine Number: Not Specified
Year of Manufacture: 1942
Sold for (£): 15,870

One of the most likely origins of the word ‘jeep' was from the Popeye cartoon series. Eugene the Jeep was his "jungle pet", small and able to solve impossible problems. At the time as war raged in Europe the earliest Jeeps formed a lasting impression on the American soldier which helped the adoption of the term Jeep. Even more impressive was the time taken from concept to production of a design that has stood the test of time and become an unlikely motoring icon. From tenders being sent out, to a production run took less than two hundred days. The cast was set for a deciding factor which influenced the outcome over the next five years, this was Americas' ability to produce in vast numbers well designed hardware for the war effort.

As the war progressed Willys produced over 300,000 Jeeps. Ford were drafted in to boost production and contributed over 250,000 units. Ford Jeeps were recognizable by their pressed steel grilles as opposed to the Willys slat grille style.

Considering how the Jeep was conceived and its role in warfare it is remarkable that some of the finest classic car collections will always include a Willys or Ford WWII Jeep.

On offer today is a 1942 Ford WWII Jeep that spent most of its life on a West Country farm. This is not surprising as many Jeeps were given over to farming after the war as Britain needed to get agricultural production back on track. Jeeps were capable of pulling most equipment of the period. Now fully restored this a veteran of The Goodwood Revival where Jeeps have a 'go anywhere status,' which in itself is priceless. These Jeeps are very spritely with the 'Go Devil' 2.2 petrol engine and they handle surprisingly well. There are very few vehicles that can 'cut the mustard' at any Blue Riband event for this outlay quite like a WWII Jeep . . . . . . book your weekend at the Revival and get your screen passes!