MotoGP Motorcycle Sale 2011

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1954 James Comet

Lot No.: 1

Registration: Not Specified
Frame Number: 10307
Side Car: No
Engine Number: Villiers - Number unknown
Number of cylinders: 1
Year of Manufacture: 1954
Sold for (£): 450

The James was one of the most popular "light weight" British Motor cycles of the post second world war era. Building upon a stong reputation for machines that gave durable and dependable service up to 1939, the James concern forged ahead, using the ubiquitous Villiers engine family. Running from Autocycle up to Commander and Competition ranges, the James could be had in any engine size from 98cc up to 250cc. They were still worthy contendors on trials and scrambles, until the arrival of such specialist machines as the DOT and Greaves.

This delightfully restored example carried a current MOT certificate expiring on 9th July 2011. It will, the vendor assures us, be complete with the correct transfers by the day of sale, and he is also planning upon having it registered, the old documents being lost in the mists of time. This machine starts readily on the kick-over and will idle happily, with the usual two-stroke "thrum" and clouds of pungent exhaust!

The perfect introduction to classic British action on two wheels, it benefitted from a complete restoration lasting from 2007 - 2010 and was treated to a pair of brand new Continental tyres as recently as 2nd July 2010, presumably to get it through the post restoration MOT process.