NEC Classic Motor Show Sale 2013

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1958 Aston Martin DB2/4 MKIII

Lot No.: 329

Registration: VBT 512
Chassis Number: AM30031542
Engine Number: DBA1192
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 2922
Year of Manufacture: 1958
Sold for (£): 220,800

The DB 2/4 Mk III (normally simply called DB Mk III, even at the time of its introduction) is a sports car sold by Aston Martin from 1957 through 1959. It was an evolution of the DB2/4 Mk II model it replaced, using an evolution of that car's W.O. Bentley-designed Lagonda 2.9L straight-6 engine, redesigned by Tadek Marek.

Changes included a grille like that on the DB3S, a new instrument panel, and Girling disc brakes. The hydraulically operated clutch was new as well, and an optional Laycock-de Normanville overdrive, which was attached to the STD 4 speed gearbox after the 1st 100 cars. Worm-and-sector steering and a live axle rear end were carry overs.
The standard DBA engine model with twin SU carburettors produced 162hp, though an optional dual-exhaust system (a claimed 16 bhp increase) raised this to a reputed 178hp. Thus equipped, the car could reach 60 mph in 9.3 seconds and hit 120 mph. An optional high-output DBB engine with three twin-choke Weber 35 DCO 3 carburettors, special long duration camshafts, high compression 8.6:1 pistons and the dual-exhaust system boasted 195hp, though this was rarer (just 10 cars thus equipped) than the mid-level DBD option with triple SU 1.75" carbs and 180hp also with the dual exhaust system, fitted to 47 cars.

We are delighted to be able to offer this exquisite DB 2/4 MkIII for the first time since purchased new in 1958.
Charles Sidney Ltd supplied "VBT 512" to our vendors' late father on the 21st May 1958. The original invoice reads "To one Aston Martin DB Mark 111 Saloon finished in Peony with White Gold Upholstery, and fitted with Overdrive and Twin Exhaust system" for the sum of £3,242 19 shillings and 6p, which included 15 gallons of petrol at £3.12 and 6p.

This one family owned Aston Martin has been meticulously maintained throughout its life. So much so that in the early 60's it underwent a bare metal re-spray to Gold due to the original Peony paintwork blistering. There is simply not enough space in our catalogue to detail the huge history file that accompanies it, but rest assured it could fill a library.
It passed to our vendor when his father sadly passed away in 1997, at this point it had covered just 71,000 miles, the odometer now showing a genuine 86,816 at the hands of reputedly just four drivers.

From 1997 to 1999 it was sent to Jack Moss the renowned Aston Martin specialists, Four Ashes Garage, of Stratford-Upon-Avon, for an extensive overhaul totaling £25,620.00 extending to; a full body off re-spray to its current colour, chrome work re-plated and clutch assembly re-worked to list only part of the work completed.
In May of 2000 compression was lost on No.6 cylinder and again, Jack Moss's expertise were called upon and a significant engine rebuild was undertaken. Clearly an exceptionally well-executed piece of engineering was carried out as the engine note is beautifully crisp and runs with metronomic timing. Full details can of course be found in the truly incredible history file.

Regular servicing has continued to the current day and "VBT 512" will be supplied with a fresh MoT, the original instruction book, original workshop manual and various AMOC magazines dating back to 1958.

We recently saw at auction this year a similar DB2/4, all be it sporting the type C engine, achieve more than £180,000. The provenance that accompanies this car, the originality of the interior and the single family ownership make "VBT 512" unique and whether you are a seasoned Aston Martin collector or this is your first foray into the marque, you simply could not choose a car with better history than this.....