Race Retro Competition Car Sale 2017

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1960 Austin Mini Cooper 'S' Works Recreation

Lot No.: 127

Registration: KSL 240
Chassis Number: A-A257-66282
Engine Number: WFM 1024 NW
Number of cylinders: 4
CC: 1275
Year of Manufacture: 1960
Sold for (£): 18,563

It's amazing how many motoring images from three or four years in the mid-1960s have gone on to become almost iconic. Steve McQueen's Highland Green, Shelby 390GT with smoke pouring from the tortured rear tyres, Jim Clark's Lotus Cortina waving a wheel at the crowd, bespattered, orange and blue, Gulf GT40s crossing the finishing line at Le Mans, and anyone with even a passing interest in Rallying can instantly recall those night-time pictures of the world-beating works Mini-Cooper S' of Aaltonen, Makinen and Hopkirk battling through heavy snow on the Col de Turini in '65 and '66.

Given that lasting image, it's probably not surprising that, should you be contemplating building a competitive 'Club' rally car from an early mini shell, then replicating the distinctive and much-admired 'Works' cars is a no-brainer, which was the decision made by David Becket who in his earlier days rallied a Vanguard for Standard Triumph. This recreation was based on a 1960 Mini (first registered on the 1st. January 1961) and was a perfect starting point as the really early shells were significantly lighter.

In 2007, the car was sold to the US and is believed to have been used in 'regularity rallies' and time-trials.  In 2015, it was repatriated back to the UK through Bob West, the MGA Specialists, and sold to Mike Wilkinson (of M&C Wilkinson Ltd.). He set about further developing the car and getting it to the specification you see here.  Our vendor then purchased the car with the intention of campaigning it as a husband and wife team, but other projects took over and the car has been little used of late.

It has lots to recommend it and it’s worth noting the details:

Engine:  1275cc II (eleven) stud head polished and ported, A+ block, competition solid rocker gear (correct for Cooper S spec), rally camshaft with torque bias, twin-choke Weber carburetor, Cooper 'S' 23D Distributor, lightened and balanced connecting rods, competition pistons, lightened and balanced Cooper 'S' crank, Duplex timing gear, high capacity oil pump, large-vane water pump, an additional engine steady bar, a high output alternator, Swifttune race exhaust with a manifold connected to a stainless steel and bespoke titanium system exiting in the centre at the rear. When finished it was set up on a rolling road by John Lamb, with approximately 90bhp.

Gearbox:  Rebuilt September 2015, 3 Synchro – Straight-cut with 3.44-1 quick shift – Limited Slip Diff, MiniSport Pinned, Drop Gear, new gaskets and oil seals, lightweight skeletal flywheel and competition clutch with 'AP' friction plate.

Suspension and Wheels:  Minilite 5” x 10” Gold Wheels, Yokohama A008 tyres, negative camber kit, front & rear roll bars, adjustable suspension settings, Group 1 wheel spats, and competition adjustable shockers.

Brakes:  Twin-pot front, 7.5” Cooper 'S' discs, rear Cooper 'S' drums with competition brake material, latest Cooper servo, braided hoses.

General:  Twin fuel tanks in the boot, heavy-duty battery with cut-off, half roll-cage, twin race seats, 'Terratrip' Speed Pilot, 'Works-style' dash and interior, Moto-Lita steering wheel, race seat-belts, 'Works-style' exterior with 3 x spots, reversing lamp and sump guard.

The car is ready to go and has recently been serviced with some engine and gearbox work carried out by Mike Wilkinson, including the fitting of a large-vane water pump, an electronic flasher unit, steering gaiters, a new top hose, new bypass and heater hoses, a high pressure oil feed hose, rear brake actuators, plus some maintenance to the track-rod ends and top and bottom ball joints.

'KSL 240' is a fantastic example of a very early Mini prepared as an homage to the works cars of the sixties and, is not only cosmetically delightful, but is mechanically well-developed and competitive at club and historic level. It's road registered, has lots of presence, and would be hard to beat in terms of sheer driving fun for the money.