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1961 BSA Shooting Star A7 500cc

Lot No.: 2

Registration: VAS 856
Frame Number: Not Specified
Side Car: No
Engine Number: BSA
Number of cylinders: 1
CC: 500cc
Year of Manufacture: 1961
Sold for (£): Result to follow

BSA brought out their overhead valve, vertical twin immediately after the Second World War in the shape of the pre-unit 495cc A7. The overall layout of the bike was to remain pretty much the same for the next three decades, undergoing gradual development, a slight change in capacity to a shorter-stroke 497cc, and detail alterations to suit the style of the times.
The Shooting Star was the sporting 500 in BSA's range, and by 1961 it had reached its high point of development with a dependable and tractable powerplant sporting an alloy cylinder head, a duplex cradle frame with swinging arm rear suspension, full-width light alloy hubs and 8-inch drum brakes. The engine ran 7:1 compression (up from an initial 6.6:1), and developed just under 30bhp at 5800rpm, transmitted through the four-speed gearbox and chain final drive. This propelled the 425lb machine to a top speed of just under 90mph.

According to Roy Bacon the A7SS bikes 'were some of the nicest machines produced by the British industry. The Shooting Star has been highly rated by some of the most experienced riders around for its combination of assets. It is fast enough, has good acceleration, nice gearbox, smooth brakes and minimal vibration. All that adds up to comfort and a machine that can be ridden for a long time without aches and pains.'

The A7 was also commended for its good looks, as Owen Wright explains; 'the Shooting Star had one of the best colour schemes ever presented by BSA, a deep bottle green with contrasting light polychromatic green tank, mudguards and panels.'

A rare 1961 BSA A7 Shooting Star 500cc in good working order and as seen at the Ace Cafe. Finished in Black and Silver and described by the present owner as 9 out of 10.