2011 Silverstone Classic Sale

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1961 Jaguar E Type 3.8 Series 1 Flat Floor Roadster

Lot No.: 129

Registration: GAS309
Chassis Number: 850080
Engine Number: Not Specified
Number of cylinders: 3800 6 cylinders
Year of Manufacture: 1961
Sold for (£): Result to follow

Introduced in 3.8-litre form in May 1961, the Jaguar E-Type caused a major sensation when it first appeared, with classic smooth lines and great looks, not to mention a 150 MPH top speed.
With 265 bhp and a huge weight saving of over 500lbs on its immediate predecessor ( the XK 150), William Lyons had created one of the all time most beautiful cars ever to be produced at Browns Lane, Coventry.

The first cars to be produced were series 1 'flat floor' Roadsters and the first 91 right hand drive cars produced all featured the famous 'outside bonnet locks' and are now the most collectable and valuable of all E-Types built.

This ‘outside bonnet lock' is chassis number 80 and was the 80th E-Type produced on the 10th July 1961 in Coventry and one of the very first cars built by the factory for export. It was designated to be exported to Cyprus (itself a right hand drive market) to the local importer Tseriotis of Cyprus.

The car was to reside here until 1996 when it was spotted as a significant early car and repatriated for a full and thorough restoration.

The work was carried out over the next 12 years faithful to the original factory specification by its dedicated London owner, who is a professional trim expert. There is a photographic record of the entire painstaking process with the history file of this car.

It now appears to be in outstanding order throughout following this thorough and professional restoration process. The engine of this 'matching numbers car' was rebuilt by VSE Jaguar Specialists of Powys and is described as still running in!

This is a fantastic and rare opportunity to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type (and this particular car is actually 50 years old!), with such a unique and desirable model finished in the stunning and unusual combination of Old English White, with cream leather upholstery and a fawn hood.