MotoGP Motorcycle Sale 2011

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1962 BSA Rocket Gold Star 650cc

Lot No.: 16

Registration: 986 UXM
Frame Number: GA 10 125
Side Car: No
Engine Number: DA10 R 7830
CC: 650cc
Year of Manufacture: 1962
Sold for (£): Result to follow

The final and most exciting of BSA's long line of 'pre-unit' 646cc parallel twins, which had started with the Golden Flash back in 1949, came in 1962 with the launch of the mighty Rocket Gold Star. With a specially tuned a10 super rocket engine in the well proven bsa gold star single frame, bsa created a very fast bike (for the time) with good handling that became an instant 'classic'.The Rocket Goldie was inspired by a one-off special that Gold Star specialist Eddie Dow of Banbury in Oxfordshire had built for a customer several years earlier. That bike had simply been a Gold Star single with a twin-cylinder engine fitted. The production A10 RGS model incorporated a number of modifications to this basic concept, but was essentially a blend of BSA's Super Rocket engine in a chassis based on that of the Gold Star. The Rocket Gold Star remains the most sought-after of the firm's pre-unit twins, and will long be remembered as a memorable way to end the line. Surviving original models are in huge demand and we are delighted to present this example from a large private collection.

This 1962 BSA Rocket Gold Star left the BSA factory on the 23rd July 1962 and is described by the vendor as a beautiful runner. Complete with both UK registration, 986UXM, and Guernsey registration, 10048, this example took pride of place in a large private collection and has been treasured by its owner.