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1965 Lotus Cortina Mk1

Lot No.: 624

Registration: GRO 28C
Chassis Number: Z74D4245305
Engine Number: LP3015
Number of cylinders: 4
CC: 1558
Year of Manufacture: 1965
Sold for (£): 37,688

The engine for the Lotus Cortina began its life in 1961 when Colin Chapman commissioned a twin-cam version of the Ford Kent engine and bored it out to give 1,558cc. Whilst the engine was still being developed, Ford asked Chapman to fit the engine to 1,000 Ford saloons for Group 2 homologation. Chapman accepted the challenge and the Cortina was born. Ford supplied the body-shells, whilst Lotus handled the mechanical and cosmetic changes. This involved installing the 105 bhp 1,558cc engine into the cars, together with a close-ratio gearbox. The rear suspension was altered and lightweight alloy panels were used, along with lightweight casings for the gearbox and differential. The model was to dominate saloon car racing for the Ford factory as it evolved throughout the 1960s. It was driven by many stars of the day, including the legendary Jim Clark.

We are informed by the vendor that this particular airflow Model MK1 Lotus Cortina, whilst registered in 1965, is actually a 1964 built car identifiable by its cylinder head having rounded moulding. It is an early A frame model that was later converted to leaf springs when used for group 2 historic rallying by the Ecurie Ten Team. Its proportions and stance are more than convincing and the noise and the road manners merely serve to remind you of just why this is such an iconic motor car. CRO 28C was the subject of a restoration programme in 2008/2009 and as such the bodywork is superbly finished, everything looks good quality and firmly fitted throughout, the underside of the car is reported to be both clean and corrosion free. (A DVD of the restoration is available from the vendor).

We are told that turning the key on this iconic car brings the expected Lotus twin-cam growl with the engine firing into life immediately. It is reported that the engine runs without any sign of smoke or leaks and sits in a very well presented engine bay. The car runs and pulls well with good oil pressure, taking up the power smoothly, the engine showing willing from around 1700 RPM and serious urge from 2800 RPM.

Like any Lotus Cortina, its whole demeanour begs you to head for lanes and twisty corners, with the cars poise and ride striking that beautiful balance between comfort and performance, this is a car you always feel you can place with precision and know what's going on around you at all times.

Interestingly back in 1989 CRO 28C was the property of a certain Richard Hudson Evans a well-known face throughout the classic car industry, indeed we are informed by the vendor that Richard reported on this car in July of 2012 within 'Classic Cars For Sale', this car is also known to the Lotus Cortina Register and is currently owned by a genuine Lotus Cortina Enthusiast.

The market for these cars as long term collectable cars is very strong right now and this particular car ticks all the boxes you could think of, we are informed by the vendor that the current mileage is just under 68500, the mileage at last years MOT was 68175 and the year before that it was 68095. There are copies of all owners on V5 log books, all MOTs and tax discs whilst in the current owners possession. CRO 28C is supplied with a new MOT and is turn key ready to go, a very, very collectable car that's value is only going one way.