The May Sale 2017

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1966 Volkswagen Beach Buggy GP Mk I

Lot No.: 333

Registration: KBW 580D
Chassis Number: 5196180
Engine Number: 9019290
Number of cylinders: 4
CC: 1600
Year of Manufacture: 1966
Sold for (£): 10,688

The Beach Buggy is a classic symbol of 1960's extravagance and freedom. Based on the reliable Beetle platform they eschew character and fun from that era, and original ones are now highly sought after and collectable.

The UK's resident Buggy expert, James Hale, has identified this particular Mk 1 as one of the earliest complete Mk 1 'GP's known in this country. The body is exactly as it was when it came from the factory originally. This in itself is very rare as many bodies and wheel arches have been cut, extended, modified or damaged and to find one in such original condition today is virtually unheard of. The car was found, largely complete, in an overgrown garden and subsequently sat for a number of years until it was completely restored in the late 1990s. The restoration has stood the test of time very well and the car is still presented in fine order. The Gold 'metal-flake' paintwork retains a great shine and mechanically the car is in fine fettle. Our vendor assures us it is reliable and drives really well - and he should know, he is our MD!

With only five previous owners from new, lots of bills in the large history file and a  full five-page article in the 1999 edition of' Volksworld Magazine', this proper '66 Beach Buggy is a seriously collectable piece of VW history. Finally, as anyone who has been lucky enough to have driven one can testify - they are a complete hoot to drive, as confirmed by all three of the presenters on the new 'Grand Tour' series in 2017.