The Silverstone Classic Sale 2017

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1967 Fiat 1000 Abarth TC

Lot No.: 709

Registration: ABW 194E
Chassis Number: 100D2210697
Engine Number: Not Specified
Number of cylinders: 2
CC: 1000
Year of Manufacture: 1967
Sold for (£): 13,500

Fiat Abarths were built in Italy by Abarth S.P.A. from 1949 onwards. They specialised in modifying various cars, more latterly Fiats, for high-performance road driving and racing. One of the models that they converted in the 1960s was the Fiat 600D which was highly modified, lightened and given bigger wheels and tyres, a close ratio gearbox, racing seats and harnesses and an Abarth spec 1000cc engine.

This particular little yellow Abarth 1000 was acquired by rock legend Jay Kay of Jamiroquai in December 2003 and has remained in his significant and varied collection until today. Supplied by noted Abarth specialists - Middle Barton Garage - the car was then registered AMC 806H. Unfortunately, the logbook for the car was lost and never found which necessitated the car having to be re-registered as ABW 194E for use on the road, the original registration number having been reallocated by the DVLA to another car. Maintained and looked after as part of Jay's extensive collection, the car has covered very few miles during his ownership and offers an interesting part of Fiat history for a relatively modest outlay. Still great fun to drive, but now in need of a bit of TLC - it's an ideal and rare car to use, enjoy and perhaps restore to its former glory.