MotoGP Motorcycle Sale 2011

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1971 Kawasaki 500 H1R

Lot No.: 7

Registration: Not Specified
Frame Number: 90047
Side Car: No
Engine Number: 90615
CC: 500cc
Year of Manufacture: 1971
Sold for (£): Result to follow

In the Spring of 1969 Kawasaki announced the launch of an all new 500cc road bike. This was to be a two-stroke tripple endowed with 60bhp and a 3 second 0 - 60 time, figures which instantly attracted the attention of the tuning and racing fraternity, whose orders prompted the factory to develop a Grand Prix version, to build upon solid commercial success. In the 1970 World Championship Kiwi Ginger Molloy scored a fine second overall behind Agostini "straight out of the box". The bike's power was never in doubt, but it was seen as being a hand full to get the best out of and somewhat "fragile" at times. For the 1971 season, improvements were made and Dave Simmonds rode one to a win, a second and a third, but it had already been eclipsed by Suzuki's Titan Daytona. By 1972, the only note worthy result was Simmonds again garnering second place in a Grand Prix, this time in Spain.

This example has been with its UK based owner for a number of years, having restored it in 2004. This bike is in fine condition and could use an experienced and skilled rider throwing his leg over it!

In the course of research putting this catalogue together we have been in discussion with Malc Anderson, a recognised authority on these extremely rare bikes, who has made a "hands on" examination and taken notes, concluding that this is a "factory" replacement frame, and they are definitely factory crankcases (I have given them a close examination)......they have simply been stamped wrong and are maybe 90015, a six having been stamped instead of a zero? Any potential purchaser must make his own mind up of course, but condition wise, and with Malc's backing - what a resonably priced H1RA!