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1973 Citroen SMi Maserati

Lot No.: 528

Registration: EWV 187L
Chassis Number: 00SC1288
Engine Number: Unknown
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 2800cc
Year of Manufacture: 1973
Sold for (£): Unsold

Begun in 1961, 'Project S' emerged from Citroën's requirement to develop a sports variant of the revolutionary DS. As was customary for the quirky French firm, many running concept vehicles were developed with increasingly complex and upmarket features to differentiate the 'sports' project from the popular DS. The acquisition of Maserati by Citroën in 1968 was motivated by the possibility of harnessing Maserati's high-performance engine technology to produce a true Grand Tourer, combining the sophisticated Citroën suspension with the power of a Maserati V6.

The result was the Citroën SM, which was first shown to rapturous appreciation at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1970. It went on sale in France in September of that year in left-hand drive only, although right-hand drive conversions were later offered in the UK and Australia. The SM was Citroën's flagship vehicle, competing with other high-performance GTs of the time from manufacturers such as Jaguar, Lotus, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo and Porsche. 

This, 1973 SM, is a rare and desirable Electronic Injection example and was sourced and imported from Switzerland in February 2016, after much searching by our vendor who is a prolific Citroen SM collector.

Although no paperwork is present with the car, it would appear that it has been well maintained throughout its life particularly by our vendor. He tells us that “it's in good working order with the suspension system working correctly”.

Looking splendid in its Gold paintwork, the exterior is generally in good condition with the only noteworthy marks being a scuff on the passenger door and some localised paint blistering on the driver’s front wing and door. Much like the exterior, the leather interior is in good condition with only a few small marks and signs of wear. 

Unfortunately, some of his other SM’s are proving a bit more demanding and this car is now being offered for sale. This exciting and rare piece of French exotica is now seeking a new owner to enjoy her over the spring and summer months. A great usable and well turned out example that is sure to turn heads no matter where you are, be it at a car show, your local high street, or just in the pub car park.