Race Retro Classic Car Sale 2017

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1973 Porsche 911E

Lot No.: 520

Registration: VNP 841L
Chassis Number: 9113200023
Engine Number: 6230038
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 2399
Year of Manufacture: 1973
Sold for (£): 88,875

Porsche produced the 911E from 1969 to 1973 and it was designed to be the most comfortable and drivable of the 911 range fitting neatly between the 911T (Touring) and the 911S (Super). The designation 'E' came from the German for injection: Einspritzung. The mechanical fuel injection system (MFI) was developed jointly by Bosch and Porsche to be used on the 911E and the 911S and resulted in more power, better drivability, and a cleaner running engine. The 911E's interior had a few more comfort features, better brakes and a distinctive gold script on the engine cover.

This particular 1973 911E 2.4 was supplied new by Concours Porsche-Audi, Inc. of St Louis, Missouri, to state resident, Mr Melvin Walker of Florissant. Finished in Silver Metallic with a black leatherette and basketweave interior, the car was supplied with options including; sports seats, tinted windows and a leather steering wheel. The original service book accompanying the history file shows stamps from the supplying dealer when the car was but a year old, at which point Mr Walker had covered 35,835 miles. At some stage, the car passed to a Mr Lawrence Ruzicaka during the 1980s and an invoice for an engine rebuild at that time included new pistons and bearings, carried out by Frontier Automotive of Illinois.

In 2000, popular Stateside Porsche forum 'R-Gruppe' member Tom Morgan of North Carolina bought the car. It was under Mr Morgan's stewardship over a number of years that the car was to be the beneficiary of some attention including body repairs, a full bare-metal respray, a new headling, a Mocal oil-cooler, a rebuild of the engine to 911'S' specification (whilst retaining the original crankcases), a gearbox rebuild and a host of other work. A whole folder of bills, photographs and a CD containing further images pays testament to Mr Morgan's caring ownership and his vision of creating a reliable, fast and usable all-rounder 911E.

The car was then purchased in 2009 by a fastidious UK R-Gruppe member known to Silverstone Auctions, who imported the car to the UK and registered it with the DVLA. Interestingly, the purchaser then sold this 911E in 2011 to our vendor, to fund a long-term Porsche project, a 904-6 Carrera GTS replica which in November 2014, Silverstone Auctions went on to sell for £146,000 at the NEC Classic Car Show!

Our vendor, himself a serial Porsche 911 owner and motorsport enthusiast, was looking for something a little special and this car was too good to resist. His intention was to use the car for occasional hillclimbs and sprints whilst maintaining its touring capabilities. In 2012 the car was sent to marque specialist, 'Ninemeister' where the rear suspension was stripped and rebuilt, the engine and gearbox were both removed to rectify an oil leak, reset all valve clearance and a host of other remedial jobs, resulting in an invoice for £5,400.

In 2015 the car was sent to another marque specialist, Gantspeed Engineering, where the transmission was partly dismantled and fully inspected before some components were replaced and the unit reassembled. In early 2016, our vendor decided to undertake a full engine rebuild using the expertise of Gantspeed, and upon completion, had the car tuned and rolling-road tested at Lambs in Chesterfield, where it was recorded producing 200 bhp at the flywheel. Another whole folder of invoices whilst the car has been in the UK accompanies the sale of the car with more than £20,000 having been spent in the care of our vendor to ensure that this special 911E performs at its best. Aesthetically pleasing, Rennsport Safari seats and RS door cards have been fitted to give the interior a comfortable, but minimalist period feel.

Supplied with a UK V5c, Certificates of Authenticity, an MOT until January '18 and a bulging history file, this is a highly useable and well sorted 911E, retaining its original engine, which has now been rebuilt and tweaked to perfection! With its sibling, the 911S, still commanding premium prices, this 911E represent a great alternative and is the perfect drivers' Porsche that will reward close inspection.