The May Sale 2017

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1976 Porsche 911 2.7 'S'

Lot No.: 313

Registration: Not Specified
Chassis Number: 9117200661
Engine Number: 6271145
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 2700
Year of Manufacture: 1976
Sold for (£): 21,375

Since its introduction, the story of the Porsche 911 has been punctuated with iconic and benchmark cars. The arrival of the '911S 2.4' in 1972 set new standards but, perhaps the 2.7RS from 1973 remains their greatest seventies achievement. As is the way of things, it was only natural that cubic capacity for mainstream production cars would continue to increase, and the 2,687cc swept volume in the 2.7S resulted in 150 bhp and a worthwhile increase in torque. Impact bumpers were now required to satisfy American law and production ran from 1974 to 1977.

Finished in Platinum Metallic with Brown leather trim, this rare, left-hand drive, 1977 2.7S 'narrow body' is showing 174,000 miles and still sports its original stickers in the door shuts, and other features dating back to 1977. 

The exterior looks to be presentable for the mileage, with a few small dents and a ripple on the rear quarter and the interior is 'lived in' and presents as you might expect considering the car's age and mileage.  Our vendor informs is that, in his opinion, the engine appears to be original and the gearbox looks to be correct. The unit in the car is certainly magnesium cased which is correct for a 1977 2.7S, but we can’t confirm if these are the original units. 

The 15” Fuchs alloys are correctly dated for the car, and could well be original and the vendor has recently fitted new bushes. We understand that the underneath of the car looks good and is still wearing its original 'Stoneguard' throughout. 

Given the above, this 1977 'S' has been sensibly guided, however, it is an attractive car in a great colour and would make an excellent entry into the world of 911 ownership.