The Restoration Show Sale 2014

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1977 Range Rover 3-Door

Lot No.: 181

Registration: WGF 813R
Chassis Number: 35533549D
Engine Number: 34115991F
Number of cylinders: 8
CC: 3528
Year of Manufacture: 1977
Sold for (£): 805

There may be newer-looking Range Rovers around these days but that isn't to say that the original first generation version, with its familiar boxy shape, doesn't still have its supporters. In fact, it's positively flying - on the used market. The original Spen King-designed Range Rover was one of the British Motor Industry's proudest success stories. When it went out of production at the end of 1996, it still looked as fresh and forward thinking as it did back in 1970 when one was exhibited in the Louvre as an example of modern sculpture.

 The car was renamed the Range Rover Classic when the MKII model was introduced in the Autumn of 1994, but demand continued even then. This was a car that had real international appeal. It sold in markets as diverse as Japan and the USA, Canada and Australia - and demand usually exceeded supply. Well over 300,000 Range Rovers had rolled off the production lines by the time this legendary model was laid to rest; the final one off the line is now part of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust collection at Gaydon in Warwickshire.


This 1977 Range Rover 3 door has been stood for many years and appears to be largely complete and unmolested and as such poses as a superb basis for a complete restoration. With the prices of early Range Rovers on a steady increase and tipped to be a future classic it would be a great shame not to bring this particular example back to life.