NEC Classic Motor Show Sale 2015

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1980 MGB GT

Lot No.: 301

Registration: JMH510W
Chassis Number: GVGEJ1AG512010
Engine Number: 18V847H34466
Number of cylinders: 4
CC: 1800
Year of Manufacture: 1980
Sold for (£): 14,400

Replacing the MG A in 1962, the MG B is a much-loved and enjoyable, classic British sports car. In GT form with its handsome fastback roof designed by Pininfarina, it followed conventional GT styling cues but for a fraction of the price.

In 1974, North American regulations forced a raised ride height and polyurethane-covered bumpers onto the pretty profile of the B GT, a redesign that was to split opinion, to say the least, amongst those who admired the earlier car's style and balance. With hindsight, and given the inflexibility of the US requirements, the federalised MGB was actually a reasonably successful styling job compared with its Italian rivals, such as the Fiat Spider and X1/9.

First registered on 17th September 1980, the last year of production, this amazing, rubber-bumpered MGB GT really represents a "step-back-in-time.

Quite remarkably, it's had only one registered owner and had covered just 1,499 miles from new at the time of consignment, however we imagine that may be just over 1,500 when it arrives at the sale. This car has been garaged for over 30 years, is completely original and has never been restored as there was nothing to restore. It was made ready for the road in December 2014, and shortly after enjoyed its first ever MoT with 1,348 miles showing, and now presents in fantastic and almost unused condition.

It comes with all its original documentation including the initial bill of sale, an invoice for ‘Protectol' rustproofing service costing £112.00 when new and the original service book with one entry on 26th April 1982 indicating a mileage at that point of 984.

A very rare find in this state of preservation, this 35 year old car is something special. It's a little piece of Late Summer in 1980. Imagine walking into an MG Dealer at that time and being told that the new MGB GT in your choice of colour scheme wasn't available but "Sir, why don't you have a look at our low-mileage demonstrator in striking Brooklands Green with the latest Orange and Brown 'deckchair' trim". The deal was done, you drove the car home and placed it, as you would a Dinky Toy, in your metaphorical cupboard where it would remain, in toy terms "Mint and Boxed" for 30 years.

Well it's not a Dinky Toy, it's real and it's here and you can drive it.