International Trophy Sale 2013

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1984 Sierra Cosworth Rally Car Colin McRae Replica

Lot No.: 360

Registration: A335 UJD
Chassis Number: WFOBXXGBBBDL71276
Engine Number: SHM601538
Number of cylinders: 4
CC: 1993cc
Year of Manufacture: 1984
Sold for (£): 14,950

When Stuart Turner was appointed head of Ford Motorsport in Europe in 1983 he quickly came to the conclusion that the company was no longer competitive in motorsport. Walter Hayes, having instigated the Cosworth DFV engine and Ford's assault on Le Mans with the GT40, was still the driving force at Ford. Not surprisingly Hayes was enthusiastic about Turner's plans to produce a turbocharged Cosworth 2.0 litre engine that would power a Ford saloon in motorsport. Cosworth already had a cylinder head design that fitted the bill which used the Ford T88 Pinto block. So they agreed to produce the 2.0litre turbo engine, but only if Ford signed-off a production run of 15,000 units. The introduction of the Sierra in 1982 required a marketing boost so it was allocated to become the platform for Ford's new competition aspirations. It was rear wheel drive, it had good aerodynamics, albeit being prone to lift at high speeds and it was available as a three door. The new body kit and rear spoiler would sort out the lift issues. But Ford still needed to build 5000 units for homologation; this was somewhat worrying when Turner's initial approach to the dealer network came back with an estimate that suggested they could sell around 1500 units! The success eventual sales record is of course history.

This Ford Sierra Cosworth has been built as a replica of the 1989 RAC Rally Ford entry of Colin McRae and Derek Ringer. It has been based on a 1984 XR4i shell but with the correct wing panels and roof, in all a £20,000 project. The engine, gearbox and all the running gear, including the limited slip differential are all Cosworth Sierra items. It has a fully welded in roll cage, a full fire extinguisher system, intercoms, and all the correct navigational timing equipment. All the other components, fuel tank, belts and seats are all 'in-date'. Importantly it has an MSA Log Book. Recently it competed in the Screwball Charity Rally across Europe and ran faultlessly.

In all this is very competitively guided Cosworth Sierra Rally Car, finished to a great standard and surely represents great value for an iconic replica. Taxed and MOT'd