International Trophy Sale 2013

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1989 Lister Jaguar XJS 6.0

Lot No.: 319

Registration: XJS 23X
Chassis Number: 04OLJ
Engine Number: LP049/60L
CC: 5995cc
Year of Manufacture: 1989
Sold for (£): Unsold

The famous Lister Jaguar connection made its commercial reappearance in 1986. Based in Leatherhead, with engineering input by Laurence Pearce, approximately 90 tuned Jaguar XJSs were produced, the emphasis being very much on super car performance. For those who felt the standard 5.3 litre V12 Jaguar engine a bit insipid, Lister added a comprehensive tuning package, first of all taking the engine out to 6 litres. The fuel injection was modified with 4 additional injectors and throttle bodies. The engine management system was tweaked, the heads gas flowed with larger valves fitted and to take the power, the crankshaft was nitrided, whilst Cosworth conrods carried special forged pistons increasing the compression ratio to 11.7:1. New bearings and a modified oil system were also deemed necessary in order to reliably deliver the 482bhp that it could now produce. Clearly the suspension and braking were going to need some attention, and this they duly got. The car was made to look the part too with a full body kit, superb leather Lister Recaro interior and some very sexy Lister alloy wheels. From the outset this was not going to be a cheap motor car, and it certainly wasn't, costing a cool £88,000 in 1988.

Offered here is one such Lister-engineered Jaguar XJS from 1989, finished in metallic blue with parchment leather interior. Potent and super-quick, with that special V12 motor of 5995cc capacity reportedly in excellent order. Turn the ignition key and as soon as the spark hits the vapour in the combustion chambers, the V12 is transformed into an orchestra- a symphony of mechanical timbres, percussive valves and blatting exhausts. It whoops, dips, bellows and howls, for anybody who has ever loved an engine, there is nothing to prepare you for the sound of a Lister V12.

We are informed by the vendor that this Lister drives superbly with the manual gearbox said to be in good working order, the low build, wide track make it feel very nimble and capable, its grip levels are enormous. The vast tyres that wrap those rims are virtually unshakeable in the dry, despite that brutal power plant the engine has a wide range of talents, from in town docility to absolute screaming aggression.
The overall appearance of this Lister Jaguar is of a car that has clearly led a very pampered life. We are informed the car is structurally sound, the rear panel, boot floor and front wings, all notorious corrosion areas are reported to be in good order.

A factory service book is included in the sale along with the original delivery folder containing supporting service documentation that has been gathered over the years. The vendor informs us that the mileage of just over 80000 miles is genuine and is supported by various bills and paperwork, also included in this sale is the valuable XJS number plate and a valid MoT certificate. Interestingly, we are informed by the vendor that whilst the car has been in his ownership in 2003 he was invited to exhibit the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on a sponsored stand of ultimate road cars together with Nick Mason's F40 and Jay Kay's 2002Tii. The earth shattering noise that this car produces is justification enough to have it in any collection, let alone its rarity, quality and significance as a part of Jaguar's extraordinary history. Start it up and you will hear and feel this unforgettable car come to life.