The Silverstone Classic Sale 2017

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1996 Aston Martin DB7 i6 Volante

Lot No.: 713

Registration: N898 LKX
Chassis Number: SCFAA3111VK201025
Engine Number: AM10400857
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 3200
Year of Manufacture: 1996
Sold for (£): Unsold

Introduced to an astonished public in 1993, the handsome new DB7 was Aston Martin's first six-cylinder model since production of the DBS had finished in 1971. Styled by Ian Callum, its lines were evocative of earlier Aston Martin models and elements of the DB4/5/6 could be seen if you looked carefully. Arguably, one of the most attractive looking cars ever produced by Aston Martin, the '7' was more approachable than the leviathans that had immediately preceded it. Well received, it attracted new customers worldwide, with the traditional layout of the curvaceous two door coupé body, robust six-cylinder engine and a 'proper' interior. Power was supplied by an all-alloy, double overhead camshaft, supercharged, 24-valve, in-line six-cylinder engine which produced 335bhp at 5750rpm. In the same way that the beautiful little Sixties' Lotus Elan morphed, over the years, into the be-winged Esprit Turbo, the DB7 was the first in the line of modern Astons that have become more dramatic with each new model, however, we feel that the simple purity of line of the DB7, will ultimately define the breed

We are very pleased to be able to offer this very special and important Volante presented in British Racing Green with a stunning Chancellor Red Leather interior, having covered just 55,500 miles.

Originally supplied new to the Sultan of Brunei, this car has been extremely well looked after having been part of, possibly, the worlds largest car collection when it was new, and is beautifully presented with a huge history file and comes, no doubt, with a story or two.

From long-term ownership since 2005, with a glamorous Royal history prior to that, and in this classically British and very stylish colour combination, this truly must be a future modern classic. The car will be supplied freshly serviced by a respected local Aston Martin Specialist.


From New stored in very famous car collection.

30.08.2002 -   821 miles - Hunt & Keal Ltd

05.09.2003 - 7,697 miles - Hunt & Keal Ltd

09.04.2004 - 14,386 miles - Hunt & Keal Ltd

01.11.2004 - 20,798 miles - Aston Martin Works Service

19.05.2005 - 23,220 miles - Hunt & Keal Ltd

17.05.2006 - 26,885 miles -  Hunt & Keal Ltd

10.01.2007 - 31,921 miles -  Hunt & Keal Ltd

27.09.2007 - 36,492 miles - Hunt & Keal Ltd

21.12.2007 - 39,553 miles - Hunt & Keal Ltd

10.03.2012 - 52,383 miles - Chelsea Motor Company

04.07.2013 - 52,623 miles- Chelsea Motor Company

15.07.2014 - 53,052 miles - Chelsea Motor Company

16.07.2015 - 53,319 miles - Chelsea Motor Company

05.07.2017 - 55,532 miles - Four Ashes Garage - Aston Martin Specialists


18.10.2005 - 23,220 miles

04.01.2007 - 31,921 miles

12.012.2007 - 39,553 miles

10.03.2009 - 48,920 miles

20.07.2010 - 50,664 miles

20.10.2011 - 52,339 miles

10.07.2013 - 52,623 miles

15.07.2014 - 53,052 miles

25.07.2015 - 53,319 miles

27.07.2016 - 54,629 miles

01.06.2017 - 55,711 miles

DB7s are the quintessential British Sports Cars of the late nineties. Their values plateaued for a while, however, that is no longer the case with really good cars catching up and surpassing early DB9s.  Don't miss the boat.