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2010 Brian James Race Shuttle

Lot No.: 306

Registration: N/A
Chassis Number: SJB376GBPCD116633
Engine Number: N/A
Number of cylinders: N/A
Year of Manufacture: 2010
Sold for (£): 19,125


  • A race-shuttle from rock legend, Jay Kay, offered at No Reserve
  • Type 'T-03-T 376-2040', rare triple axle model for a single car, 3500kg gross capacity
  • Ideal for providing a large, usable, fully enclosed transportation space
  • Very little use and in excellent order

Brian James Race Transporter trailers are ideal for providing a large, usable fully enclosed transportation space for almost all passenger road cars and larger race cars. A full width, full height rear door ramp with gas spring assistance gives easy access and combined with the tilt-bed mechanism accommodates low ground clearance competition cars and will eliminate loading issues.

This model of the Brian James Race Transporter 6 offers a wide body - being the same as an HGV transporter, this Race Transporter 6 is quite capable of transporting wide race and sports cars. Additional space is invaluable for creating a useful working environment for daily transport operations and creates a capable work facility for small teams at race meetings. The chassis design has wheels under the bed with a fully flat floor up to the sides. To manage bed height and maintain a low centre of gravity the Race Transporter 6 has Tri-axle running gear with 10" wheels and low profile tyres.

This particular race transporter is a Type 'T-03-T 376-2040' with a 3500kg capacity and is owned by the rock legend, Jay Kay. It has had very little use and looks to be in excellent order. Offered at No Reserve, this is a rare opportunity to acquire a stylish and efficient mode of transport for the start of the season.