A Sale of Ferraris in association with Ferrari Owners’ Club GB

Original Craig Warwick Painting for Ferrari UK.

Lot: 156
Super montage showing all 12 British Ferrari drivers with Enzo. 
Sold for (£): 480

1/12 scale Ferrari 641 cased scale model.

Lot: 157
A superb Tamiya F641 (F1-90) signed by Alain Prost.OBE
Sold for (£): 552

Ferrari metal shield.

Lot: 158
Ferrari metal shield, signed Mansell, Scheckter and Brooks.
Sold for (£): 336

Ferrari Brochures and Ephemera

Lot: 159
Five items, including an original 330GT handbook dated 1965.  
Sold for (£): 120

Ferrari metal garage sign.

Lot: 160
Ferrari metal garage sign, measures 60cmx40cm.
Sold for (£): 420

'La Passione' by Franco Vasconi .

Lot: 161
Evocative image signed by Chris Rea.  60cmx45cm.
Sold for (£): 120

1/12 scale model Ferrari 312-Niki Lauda.

Lot: 162
An accurate representation of Lauds's iconic 312T. 
Sold for (£): 120

Ferrari California car cover and extras.

Lot: 163
Including two seat covers, headrest cover, battery conditioner.  
Sold for (£): 264

Ferrari press packs, media books, and more.

Lot: 164
Including colour brochures for the 575M Maranello and 550 Barchetta.
Sold for (£): 84

Two Official Ferrari flags and an Italian flag.

Lot: 165
Contemporary Official Ferrari flags together with a National flag.
Sold for (£): 48