MotoGP Motorcycle Sale 2011

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1963 Ariel Golden Arrow

Lot No.: 71

Registration: Not Specified
Frame Number: T32974T
Side Car: No
Engine Number: T32974T
Number of cylinders: Two
CC: 247cc
Year of Manufacture: 1963
Sold for (£): 2,679

Designed under the auspices of Val Page, the two stroke twin cylinder Ariel Leader introduced a raft of innovative features aimed at simplifying production and providing motorcyclists with a versatile mount capable of commuting during the week and touring at the weekend. Many of the features, such as integrated luggage, an adjustable headlight from the riding position and full enclosure of the engine and transmission are now features found on the highest specification tourers, whilst others, such as the optional turn indicators are now an industry standard. The steel pressings that formed the frame, forks and other components drew heavily on contemporary car practise, however, despite the innovative features of the machine and the lively two stroke power plant the Leader held little appeal for younger learner riders, who had been restricted to machines of 250cc or below in 1961.
Ariel remedied this with the introduction of the Arrow in 1960 and the Super Sports Arrow, quickly dubbed the "Golden Arrow" in reference to the flamboyant gold finish applied to the dummy fuel tank in 1961. Both models dispensed with the enclosure of the Leader and adopted a revised dummy tank that incorporated the headlamp brackets and a conventional rear mudguard. The Super Sport or Golden Arrow additionally benefited from a larger carburettor, dropped handle bars equipped with ball ended levers, red grips and a fly screen as well as the striking colour scheme and quickly established itself as a desirable mount for apprentice café' racers.

With the marque and model currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity amongst collectors, this 1963 Golden Arrow is attractively presented in the cream and gold livery synonymous with the model. Described by the vendor as being an older restoration remaining in very good condition in all respects and nice running order.