International Trophy Sale 2013

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Dom Perignon - A Mixed Half Case (2 of each)

Lot No.: 276

Sold for (£): Unsold

Dom Perignon - A Mixed Half-Case (2 of each)

Vintage 1983

Vintage 1990

Vintage 1992 (in neck: vg label & capsule: original gift box)

The quality of Moët et Chandon's Cuvee Dom Perignon is attributed to the fact that Moët only make it in truly exceptional vintages from Chardonnaay and Pinot Noir:

which are picked from only the very best crus of the entire region.

Dom Perignon is named after the famous 17th Century Benedictine Monk who actually did more for still wines in the region, contrary to the popular myth

that he actually invented Champagne.

"There is a timeless elegance about Dom Perignon that I find comforting and reassuring, like a favorite restaurant or food."