The May Sale 2016

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1981 Ford Capri 3.0S

Lot No.: 370

Registration: FBN 11W
Chassis Number: WFOCXXGAECBJ07732
Engine Number: BJ07732
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 2994cc
Year of Manufacture: 1981
Sold for (£): 19,688

The Ford Capri made its sensational debut at the 1969 Brussels International Motor Show, although production at the Halewood plant in Liverpool had actually begun two months earlier to ensure that every UK dealer had at least one in its showroom by the time sales started in February 1970. This level of forward production ensured that Ford's brilliant young marketing team were able to leave examples of its new model parked outside prominent buildings and near the entrance to 150 railway stations in the south-east of England. Initial sales exceeded the predicted demand by 100%, mainly because the Capri created an exciting new style of car on this side of the Atlantic. Here, at last, was a sleek, eye-catching 'fastback' that bridged the gap between the traditional two-seater sports car and the family saloon. The Capri concept was made all the more attractive by a remarkably wide choice of engines from a 1.3-litre to the lusty 3.0-litre V6.

As exciting as the Mkll was rational, the Capri Mklll (1978-1986) was one of the industry's most effective facelifts with a distinctly modern shape, and its improved aerodynamics naturally resulted in better performance and economy. Quad headlights, wrap-around bumpers and a plethora of TV star appearances (particularly Bodie and Doyle in their 3.0S) restored the Capri's 'mojo'.

At launch, the existing engine and transmission combinations of the Capri II were carried over and the biggest seller eventually turned out to be the luxurious Ghia, however, the 3.0S was generally regarded amongst enthusiasts as the most desirable.

The Capri 3.0S seen here, currently enjoys the same fastidious ownership as the immaculate RS3100 which can be found elsewhere in this catalogue, and was first registered on the 18th of February 1981, the final year of manufacture of the 3.0S. It's finished in its original, very stylish and rare, Graphite Grey and this colour was only available on the 3.0S and even then only for 9 months in 1981. The car retains its original shell with genuine Ford wings and all the other panels are original and, the vendor informs us, rust free. He has also been happy to confirm that "the bodywork is in good condition with no soft dents and the paintwork is excellent including the engine bay, underside of the bonnet and underneath the car". Happily the original engine is still with the car and remains "in excellent condition with good power and no rattles" as does the standard 4-speed Capri gearbox. The interior is unmarked and original in striking 'Carla Check Fishnet' and black vinyl, and the factory steel sunroof works perfectly.

According to the Registration Document, FBN 11W has been enjoyed by three owners prior to its present custodian and the car has an indicated mileage of just less than 82,000.

We have on file over 120 photographs of this car, some taken from 3 or 4 inches away, and you simply don't do that unless you are really proud of your car. Take a close look at this cracking Capri and you may feel the same way.