The May Sale 2018

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1987 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

Lot No.: 507

Registration: D760 NYC
Chassis Number: WFOEXXGBBEGG19220
Engine Number: GG19220
Number of cylinders: 4
CC: 1993
Year of Manufacture: 1987
Sold for (£): 47,250
  • An original unrestored car in exceptional condition.Purchased from Silverstone Auctions in 2013
  • From a private collection. Regularly maintained, annual MOT. Only covered 200 miles in the last 5 years
  • Bodywork is in superb condition. Original factory fitment. Panel gaps are narrow and consistent 
  • The engine is mechanically perfect. It had a full service, timing belt and water pump 200 miles ago.
  • Full twin stainless steel exhaust is the only known item that is not original spec
  • 3,578 miles. MoT'd until May 2019. Ready to be shown or driven. Very exciting

At its introduction in 1982, the Sierra's revolutionary new shape proved a touch more divisive than Ford had anticipated and some serious marketing became a priority, so it was the obvious choice to become the platform for Ford's new competition aspirations in conjunction with Cosworth. It fitted the brief well as it was rear wheel drive, had good aerodynamics, albeit being prone to lift at high speeds and was available as a three-door. The new body kit and rear spoiler would sort out the lift issues but, more importantly, Ford still needed to build 5,000 units for homologation, somewhat worrying when the company's initial approach to the dealer network came back with an estimate that suggested they could sell around 1,500 units! The eventual sales record is, of course, history. Ford went on to sell 5,545 three-door cars including the RS500, of which only 500 were built, and the Cosworth engine also found its way into nearly 30,000 Ford Sierra Saloons (Cosworth 3dr, Sapphire 2wd, and 4wd). The Sierra Cosworth comfortably exceeded Ford's best expectations and it went on to become one of the most successful Touring Car racers of all time, winning races all over the world.

We are delighted to present this very original, matching numbers, unrestored Sierra RS Cosworth. It was purchased from Silverstone Auctions in 2013 and joined a large private collection where it has remained ever since, receiving periodic maintenance, annual MOTs, and has only been driven exactly 200 miles in the last 5 years.

The bodywork is in superb condition and appears to be the original factory fitment, the panel gaps are all narrow and consistent, corresponding to manufacturing tolerances of the period, there is no accident damage, and all the glasswork is original. The paintwork is lovely and has a deep lustre throughout enhanced by full professional detailing, paint correction and sealing, including all the exterior trim and interior fabrics.

The engine is mechanically perfect and performs well on the road. It had a full service, timing belt and water pump 200 miles ago and is fitted with a full twin stainless steel exhaust, the only known item on the whole car that is not to original specification. The gearbox is 100% and the clutch is clearing well and judder free. The differential is quiet and the LSD is operating.

All the electrical equipment is fully functional including the alarm and all the warning lights and the interior trim is in incredible condition for a car of this type and age.

The current indicated mileage is 3,578 and the MoT is valid until 2019. It's hard to accept that this stunning car is over 30 years old. As near to perfect as you are going to find, on the button, and ready to be shown or driven, we are all getting excited about this remarkable example of Ford's finest hour.