International Trophy Sale 2013

Registration Number V12 TRC

Lot: 129
Vehicle Registration Number V12 TRC
Sold for (£): 708

Registration Number M13 NSO

Lot: 130
Vehicle Registration Number "M13 NSO"
Sold for (£): Unsold

Alan Fearnley Print- triple Crown (Signed Makinen, Liddon)

Lot: 131
'Triple Crown' a limited edition print by Alan Fearnley no 721/850,...
Sold for (£): Unsold

Nicholas Watts Print: Cobra Strikes (Carrol Shelby- Signed)

Lot: 132
'The Cobra Strikes' Le Mans 1964, a print by Nicholas Watts no122/500,...
Sold for (£): Unsold

Illuminated Lotus Sign

Lot: 134
An illuminated Lotus Sign (70cm x 70cm) In 'as' new condition.
Sold for (£): 354

Three Framed and Glazed Le Mans Racing Prints

Lot: 135
One framed and glazed limited edition print (No800 of 850) and two...
Sold for (£): 142

Three Motoring Prints + Assorted Lots of Automobilia and Racing Memrabilia

Lot: 136
1960 Autographed advertising poster, a framed ERA print and framed and...
Sold for (£): 212

Registration Number "SEN 17A"

Lot: 137
Registration number "SEN 17A" (SEN N A)
Sold for (£): Unsold

W.W.I British Wooden Propellor

Lot: 138
Wooden propellor from a 1918 Sopwith Salamander single seat fighter 
Sold for (£): 1,888