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1960 Lamborghini DL20 - 2241R

Lot No.: TBA

Registration: Un-Registered
Chassis Number: DL20A3496A
Engine Number: NA
Number of cylinders: 2
CC: 18hp
Year of Manufacture: 1960
Estimate (£): 15,000 - 20,000
(+buyer's premium of 15% including VAT @ 20%)

It was Ferruccio Lamborghini's father who was indirectly responsible for the Lamborghini name becoming known throughout Italy. He urgently required a tractor for the family farm and his son, passionate about all things mechanical and a graduate in Industrial Technology at the Fratelli Taddia Institute near Bologna, obliged by building him one. It was an unlikely cocktail of six-cylinder Morris engine, General Motors transmission, and a Ford differential, however, apparently it worked very well and with post-war Italy rebuilding its agriculture from the ruins of war, replicas of Ferruccio's tractor were soon being eagerly sought by his father's friends. The outcome, in 1949, was the creation of Lamborghini Trattori on the site of his garage; the design evolved, the business thrived and it went on to become one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment, military and industrial engines in Italy. During the early 1960s, Ferruccio Lamborghini turned his attention to building cars under his own name and subsequently details of Sig. Lamborghini's tractor production are usually just a side note to the stories surrounding the 400 GT, Miura, Countach and many of the most spectacular supercars in automotive history. 

The little twin-cylinder, 18hp DL20-2241R of 1960 was apparently Ferruccio's favourite tractor so it was appropriate that this model was selected to fulfil an important roll in Lamborghini's history. Ferruccio Lamborghini sadly passed away in Perugia on February 20th, 1993 and his funeral took place a few days later on the 24th of February, which, coincidentally, if you are reading this at Race-Retro, was 25 years ago today. Emotional crowds thronged the streets and the funeral cortege passed through a cordon of every model of Lamborghini car ever made and as many tractors as they could find. The coffin was laid on a flower-bedecked cart pulled by, you guessed it, a DL20.

The tractor more recently has benefitted from a full nut and bolt, 'Concours' standard restoration by Italian specialists Ermes & Nicola Formillan, the most respected restorers of Lamborghini Trattori and whose efforts have graced most of the Lamborghini show stands all over the world. Presented with a photographic documentation of its restoration, it is currently unregistered and offered for sale with a NOVA number.

'3496A' is surely a must for any discerning car collector and would make a distinctive and welcome addition to any collection of significant Lamborghinis or classic agricultural machinery.