MotoGP Motorcycle Sale 2011

Five seasons of HondaMotoGP Press packs

Lot: 32
Honda MotoGP Press Packs from 2006 - 2010 inclusive
Sold for (£): 10

Haslam and BMW press packs

Lot: 33
Leon Haslam press pack from his 125cc time, plus one of his Dad,...
Sold for (£): 5

Castrol items

Lot: 34
Castrol centenary Interactive CD offerd with a 1991 achievements...
Sold for (£): 5

MotoGP information and photograph cds

Lot: 35
Five cds full of MotoGP information and photographs
Sold for (£): 10

MotoGP ephemera

Lot: 36
A wide selection of MotoGP ephemera, including, media programmes, fan...
Sold for (£): 15

TT promotional posters

Lot: 37
A pair of promotional TT posters from 1956 and 1963
Sold for (£): 60

Aintree Motorcycle Racing Event Poster

Lot: 38
A 1954 event poster for Motorcycle racing at Aintree Circuit
Sold for (£): 45

Steve McQueen original film poster

Lot: 39
Steve McQueen film poster for the German release of "On any sunday"
Sold for (£): 220

I.S.D.T. original photographs with negatives

Lot: 40
A large collection of I.S.D.T. original pictures with negatives
Sold for (£): Result to follow

A pair of Isle of Man posters promoting Manx and TT races

Lot: 41
A pair of board mounted TT and Manx promotional posters
Sold for (£): 70