The May Sale 2017

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1990 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 2 Targa

Lot No.: 377

Registration: H424NFA
Chassis Number: WP0ZZZ96ZLS410895
Engine Number: 62L51206
Number of cylinders: 6
CC: 3.6L
Year of Manufacture: 1990
Sold for (£): 41,625

When the Porsche 964 was introduced in 1989 it was 85% different to the out-going 911 but retained the classic 911 shape. The design incorporated more integral bumpers and a host of mechanical changes of which the most significant was the introduction of four-wheel drive. The displacement was now up to 3600cc and the engine produced a healthy 250bhp. Power steering and ABS brakes were now fitted as standard and the torsion bar rear suspension was replaced with coil springs and shock absorbers.

This right-hand drive, 964 Carrera 2 Targa was first registered on the 1st August 1990 to the first of four former keepers. In 2015, our vendor purchased the Porsche from a gentleman who had owned the car for twenty-five years. The engine was rebuilt at 50,000 miles in 2013 and our vendor informs us it "drives tight, like it's only a few years old." Delivered with an automatic gearbox and finished in the rare colour of Tahoe Blue (only available between 1989 and 1991) beautifully complemented by the Linen coloured leather. The car has new tyres on recently refurbished wheels (original D90 style).

With the odometer indicating a shade under 54,500 miles, the car is offered to auction with a comprehensive history file, tool-kit, tyre inflator, and an MOT until November 2017. It has been serviced and maintained at the following intervals:

15/11/1990 Ian Anthony Porsche, Manchester at 4,380 miles

06/07/1992 Strattons Porsche, Cheshire at 11,219 miles

11/10/1993 A.F.N. Porsche, London at 15,189 miles

30/12/1994 A.F.N. Porsche, London at 18,277miles

30/10/1996 A.F.N. Porsche, London at 23,078 miles

30/12/1997 A.F.N. Porsche, London at 25,335 miles

04/03/1998 A.F.N. Porsche, London at 25,402 miles

15/07/2002 HR Owen Porsche at 27,336 miles

04/06/2005 Porsche Centre, London at 28,680 miles

07/11/2007 JZ Machtech (JZM), Kings Langley at 30,882 miles

18/06/2008 Porscheworx, London at 33,177 miles

28/02/2009 JZ Machtech (JZM), Kings Langley at 38,450 miles

08/05/2009 JZ Machtech (JZM), Kings Langley at 43,686 miles

25/01/2010 Porscheworx, London at 43,686 miles

06/08/2013 Engine rebuilt by Porscheworx, London at 50,502 miles

08/11/2014 Porscheworx, London at circa 51,000 miles

26/10/2015 Autofarm, Bicester at 53,421 miles

25/02/2016 Tuthill Porsche, Banbury front discs and pads

05/04/2017 JGC Porsche, Brackley at 54,642 miles