The Silverstone Classic Sale 2017

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1994 Porsche 968 Clubsport

Lot No.: 702

Registration: M641 UME
Chassis Number: WP0ZZZ96ZSS815104
Engine Number: 42R02464
Number of cylinders: 4
CC: 2994cc
Year of Manufacture: 1994
Sold for (£): 25,000

The Porsche (project no.) 968 made its debut in 1991 and was effectively, the last gasp for the long-lived 924 line. Originally mooted as the 944S3, the new number was probably more a result of pressure from the marketing department, but it was right for recessionary Porsche wrestling with struggling sales.

The 968 was well regarded and received excellent reviews, even if the UK market had to wait almost a year from launch to get it. It was powered by the 944 S2's 3.0-litre 4-cylinder engine producing 225lb ft of torque and 240bhp. but with variable valve timing to improve power, torque, fuel economy, and most importantly, driveability. Visually, it was the biggest step forward since the launch of the original 944 in 1981, with only the doors, roof and tailgate being carried over from the 944. The new front-end with 928 style pop-up headlamps did bring a touch of modernity.

The interior trim was very similar to the 911 and 928, helping to justify the inflated list price, but not quite enough as sales were initially rather slow. However, all that changed in 1993 when the stripped-out, back-to-basics 'Club Sport' (Vereinsport) was launched. Porsche had set their sights on creating a car tailored for the driving enthusiast and, in particular, one with competition potential, and this they certainly did.

This was achieved by removing all luxury-orientated equipment from the basic build specification. With the no-frills approach, less weight, and clever suspension, Porsche could now focus media attention on the Club Sport's fast road and track abilities, and the CS achieved a 'Performance Car Of The Year' award in 1993 from Performance Car magazine in the UK. In total, just 1,923 units were produced, of which only 179 were right-hand drive, making the Club Sport a very rare Porsche indeed.

This 1994, 968 Club Sport is an original UK supplied car finished in Speed Yellow and was initially ordered with ‘Comfort Seats’ but these have been replaced with the correct matching yellow-shelled bucket seats. Currently showing 102,000 miles, at the time of cataloguing, the car was purchased by our vendor in 2009. Prior to his ownership, at circa 90,000mls, the car had benefited from a top end engine rebuild due to a snapped timing belt. The car was regularly driven in the first year of our vendor’s ownership, however, y 2011 the car became laid up in his small collection. 

Having recently emerged from its slumber the car has been subject to extensive refurbishment work. The body was restored including new front wings, new inner and outer sills and a complete glass out respray and, at the same time, all the mechanicals were gone through and returned to health. According to our vendor he found no evidence of extensive track work like so many other Club Sports. The brakes remain standard, no suspension strengthening struts, no roll cage mounting tell tales, standard springs and shocks also remain fitted. Unlike many comparable examples this car is presented with an excellent history file and extensive service history with almost all the regular services supported by invoices and a vast number of older MOTs.

The 968 Club Sport was, and still is, one of the best handling cars of modern times and, with rarity is now increasing in value. Having enjoyed one of these cars on winding country roads, this consigner can confirm that the 968CS is one of the most well-balanced, and rewarding driving experiences money can buy.