Race Retro Classic Car Sale 2017

Jaguar 50th Anniversary Poster annotated by Norman Dewis

Lot: 284
Norman Dewis annotated Jaguar Poster.
Sold for (£): Unsold

A watercolour study of Steve McQueen*

Lot: 285
An arresting study of motor racing and acting legend, Steve McQueen.
Sold for (£): Unsold

‘Wall of Champions’, signed Alain Prost OBE

Lot: 286
At the 1986 Australian Grand Prix. Adelaide, Australia. 24-26 October
Sold for (£): 120

Cold Cast Aluminium Maserati Trident Badge

Lot: 287
Measuring 120cm high
Sold for (£): 144

Lewis Hamilton McLaren Original Watercolour

Lot: 288
Lewis Hamilton"s McLaren at Italian Grand Prix Monza 2007.
Sold for (£): 216

722 Box Set, signed Sir Stirling Moss

Lot: 289
Limited edition 1:18 , 'Sir Stirling Moss' 722 signed boxed set
Sold for (£): 192

Ferrari sign, signed Nigel Mansell CBE, Jody Scheckter, John Surtees CBE

Lot: 290
Large wooden-backed Ferrari rectangular sign
Sold for (£): 384

'Opus F1-Champions Edition'.

Lot: 291
The official Formula 1 Opus.
Sold for (£): Result to follow

'The Italian Job' signed by Sir Michael Caine*

Lot: 292
Signed by Sir Michael Caine, complete with a C.O.A.
Sold for (£): 260

'Les Fiancés de la Mort' Movie poster

Lot: 293
Les Fiances de la Mort, 1.2mx1.6m.
Sold for (£): Unsold