Race Retro Competition Car Sale 2018

Ferrari 512 Boxer 2-piece leather luggage set.

Lot: 139
In very good condition, complete with locks, keys and dust bags. 
Sold for (£): Unsold

Ferrari Panerai Rattrapante clock.

Lot: 140
Panerai dealer's Rattrapante wall clock.
Sold for (£): 1,800

Set of four Steve McQueen posters.

Lot: 141
Mr McQ, still at the top of the 'Cool' charts.
Sold for (£): 600

"Red 5-Double World Champion" by Tony Smith

Lot: 142
"Red 5-Double World Champion". 
Sold for (£): 80

Senna vs Mansell, photograph.

Lot: 143
Unusual image. Signed Nigel Mansell CBE.
Sold for (£): 50

Porsche original by Simon Ward

Lot: 144
Dramatic image of a 917 at Le Mans.
Sold for (£): Unsold

Niki Lauda by Alan Stammers.

Lot: 145
Niki Lauda and Ferrari signed print.
Sold for (£): 40

Motorsport related posters.

Lot: 146
Four rare motor racing posters.
Sold for (£): Unsold

Chequered flag waving Mr Drip.

Lot: 147
'Mr Drip'. Chequered flag man. 
Sold for (£): 340

British Grand Prix.Gold Leaf Lotus 49.

Lot: 148
Tony Upson original.
Sold for (£): 260