Race Retro Competition Car Sale 2018

Lots 201-230 Friday 23rd February @ 2pm

Lot: 200
Friday 23rd February 12 noon Automobilia (101 – 158) 2pm...

1981 Renault 5 GTL

Lot: 201
A classic hot-hatch race car offered at 'No reserve'! 
Sold for (£): 1,690

1994 Porsche 968 Sport and Trailer

Lot: 202
Very affordable, entry-level Porsche motorsport.
Buy now for (£): 22,430Contact us

2006 Gunn TS6 Sports 2000

Lot: 203
A Sports 2000 Duratec car with winning potential. 
Buy now for (£): 17,830Contact us

1964 Triumph Spitfire 'Le Mans GT Fastback'

Lot: 204
Rare Williams and Pritchard "Le Mans GT Fastback" full race car.
Sold for (£): 16,310

1970 Lola T210 SL210-07

Lot: 205
"Simply the best"
Sold for (£): 146,250

1963 Jaguar MK 2

Lot: 206
A well prepared, front-running car with lots of potential.
Buy now for (£): 44,950Contact us

1970 Ford Escort Mk.I RS1600 FIA race car

Lot: 207
Genuine Escort RS1600 FIA race car...
Buy now for (£): 89,700Contact us

1966 Morris Mini Cooper 'S' 1293

Lot: 208
Road registered 1275 'S' Works homage club rally car.
Sold for (£): 46,690

1970 Morgan Plus 8

Lot: 209
A beautifully prepared, rare 'Moss Box', FIA  Morgan Plus 8.
Sold for (£): 57,380

1972 Datsun 240Z (2.8ltr) Club Rally Car

Lot: 210
Superbly prepared and competitive 'Works' replica for classic rallying.
Sold for (£): 25,880

1960 Cooper Monaco T57 MKII CM3-60

Lot: 211
Competitive and superbly prepared. Undoubtedly one of the best.
Sold for (£): 163,130

1959 Austin A35 HRDC spec

Lot: 212
A "state of the art" Austin A35 HRDC Academy car from Theo Paphitis
Sold for (£): 19,690

1968 Ford Escort Mk1 Twin Cam 'Works Rally Evocation'

Lot: 213
Fully restored and simply superb...    
Sold for (£): 65,250

1993 Subaru Legacy RS Group A Ex-Prodrive Rally Car

Lot: 214
'K555 BAT' - part of WRC history, driven by Vatanen & Burns....
Buy now for (£): 126,500Contact us

Williams Formula 1 Replica.

Lot: 215
A well-built replica of an FW21.
Sold for (£): 16,880

1990 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 'Group A'

Lot: 216
The 1990 BTCC Championship winning car!
Sold for (£): 182,250

2004 Palmer Jaguar JP1 TS and Trailer

Lot: 217
The perfect package for track days.  
Sold for (£): 32,630

1997 Nissan Primera Super Tourer - Ex David Leslie

Lot: 218
Offered with an impressive and very comprehensive spares package.
Buy now for (£): 82,800Contact us

*** REGRETFULLY WITHDRAWN ***1972 Broadspeed Escort MkI RS 1600 FIA Race car.

Lot: 219
A 1970's Ford Escort RS 1600 BDA FIA race car
Regretfully Withdrawn

1999 Ford Focus WRC Rally Car - Ex-Colin McRae

Lot: 220
Driven by Colin McRae during the 1999 WRC season.   
Buy now for (£): 126,500Contact us

1986 Bowlby Suzuki SC100

Lot: 221
Rare opportunity to buy a unique car from a truly innovative...
Sold for (£): 5,630

1975 Lola T360 F2 (HU18)

Lot: 222
  Fabulous car. The Lola to have.
Buy now for (£): 64,400Contact us

1960 Elva Mk.V Sports racer.

Lot: 223
Goodwood, here we come.
Buy now for (£): 51,750Contact us

1964 Sunbeam Alpine

Lot: 224
Great entry into historic racing with HSCC Road Sports or similar
Buy now for (£): 21,850Contact us

1999 Ford Mondeo Super Tourer - Ex Anthony Reid

Lot: 225
Anthony Reid's mount for the last three rounds of 1999. 
Buy now for (£): 71,300Contact us

1963 FIA Ford Lotus Consul Cortina

Lot: 226
Extensively developed and ready to race at the sharp end. 
Buy now for (£): 66,700Contact us

1946 V8-60 "Midget Racer"

Lot: 227
Fabulous, period-perfect restoration of a forties 'Midget Racer'....
Sold for (£): 12,600

1963 Ford Lotus Cortina FIA Race Car

Lot: 228
A well-known example that has enjoyed a long competitive racing career.
Sold for (£): 52,880

1959 Fairthorpe Electron - Coventry Climax

Lot: 229
A fine example of these innovative fifties' racers.
Sold for (£): 22,500

1974 Ford Capri 3.0

Lot: 230
An exciting barn find that may well reward further investigation.
Sold for (£): 2,930

Lots 101-158 Friday 23rd February @ 12 noon

Lot: 100
Friday 23rd February 12 noon Automobilia (101 – 158) 2pm...

The 'Harrods' McLaren F1GTR

Lot: 101
Signed by Derek Bell MBE and Richard Attwood. 
Sold for (£): 160

Motorsport related posters.

Lot: 102
A quartet of motoring related posters.
Sold for (£): 50

"1979, Scheckter's year".

Lot: 103
Signed by Jody Scheckter 
Sold for (£): 50

Jaguar wall sign.

Lot: 104
Classic fifties Jaguar logo.
Sold for (£): 420

Registration Mark W13 SPY ( Wispy?)

Lot: 105
Perfect if you are involved in espionage and live in West Ealing (W13)...
Buy now for (£): 860Contact us

Damon Hill OBE. Williams GP print.

Lot: 106
Damon Hill OBE. Williams GP print.
Sold for (£): 100

Porsche 911 Fuchs wheels

Lot: 107
Set of 4 Porsche 911 Fuchs wheels.
Buy now for (£): 13,000Contact us

Carrera Heuer wall sign.

Lot: 108
Porsche Carrera and Heuer, a long-term partnership.
Sold for (£): 660

James Hunt's Hesketh Racing mascot.

Lot: 109
James Hunt's famous Teddy Bear.
Sold for (£): 180

Duesenberg Straight Eight sign.

Lot: 110
"It's a Doozy" from St. Paul, Minnesota.
Buy now for (£): 50Contact us

Aston Martin oval wall sign.

Lot: 111
Commemorating the DBR1 at Le Mans in 1959.
Sold for (£): 200

1977 Monaco Grand Prix poster.

Lot: 112
Signed by Jochen Mass.
Sold for (£): 260

Ayrton Senna, ‘The Chase’ lithographic print.

Lot: 113
Signed by Nigel Mansell CBE. 
Sold for (£): 60

Michael Schumacher signed Ferrari, Shell poster

Lot: 114
A1 size Shell Fuels promotional poster,
Sold for (£): 140

1969 Formula 5000 and the Race of Champions

Lot: 115
Lovely original period posters.
Sold for (£): 60

'Michael Schumacher' by Tony Upson.

Lot: 116
Schuey in a classic pose.
Sold for (£): 300

Ferrari yearbooks.

Lot: 117
Ferrari yearbooks.
Sold for (£): 80

Ferrari 308/328 4 piece Schedoni luggage set.

Lot: 118
2 suitcases, Hatbox, shoe box, 4 luggage tags, 4 sets of keys.
Buy now for (£): 6,200Contact us

Red Bull Bahrain photograph.

Lot: 119
Sebastian Vettel signed Red Bull Bahrain photograph 
Sold for (£): 70

Jim Clark at the Nurburgring.

Lot: 120
Jim Clark at the Nurburgring in DBR1.
Sold for (£): 40

Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina Carb Tool Kit.

Lot: 121
Original and complete Ferrari 308GTB Vetroresina tool kit.
Buy now for (£): 2,480Contact us

Ayrton Senna 1984 Detroit GP print.

Lot: 122
In the pits on a hot day..
Sold for (£): 70

Nigel Mansell CBE photographic study.

Lot: 123
Nigel Mansell CBE at Silverstone in 1987.
Sold for (£): 20

‘Keeping Cool’ Lotus at Monaco b/w photograph.

Lot: 124
'Keeping Cool' Lotus at Monaco signed Sir Stirling Moss OBE.
Sold for (£): 70

BRM 1962 Championship winners plaque..

Lot: 125
Graham Hill OBE BRM championship winners plaque.
Sold for (£): 110

Pair of F1 driver portraits.

Lot: 126
Candid moments. Francois and Gilles.
Sold for (£): 20

Lewis Hamilton signed McLaren photo.

Lot: 127
Hand signed by Lewis Hamilton, with a CoA.
Sold for (£): 110

Presentation of two McLaren driver's cards

Lot: 128
Lewis Hamilton signed McLaren presentation 
Sold for (£): 70

Jean Alesi by Alan Stammers.

Lot: 129
Jean Alesi and Ferrari print.
Sold for (£): 20

Ferrari 312T3 in 1/8 scale.

Lot: 130
Celebration of the legendary 312T3 introduced in 1978.
Sold for (£): 600

'Taxi for Senna' lithographic prin.t

Lot: 131
Signed by Nigel Mansell CBE.
Sold for (£): 110

Scheckter in the 312T4.

Lot: 132
Signed by Jody Scheckter.
Sold for (£): 40

Targa Florio 1964. Ferrari 250 GTO

Lot: 133
A Tony Upson original.
Sold for (£): 600

Collection of motorsport and motoring related books.

Lot: 134
Single owner collection of motorsport and motoring related books.
Sold for (£): 50

'SEV Marchal' Le Mans sign.

Lot: 135
The famous Cat's Eyes logo.
Sold for (£): 100

Registration mark FA51 FER

Lot: 136
"Fast Ferrari" is the logical conclusion.
Buy now for (£): 620Contact us

The main men.

Lot: 137
Pair of F1 personality B/W prints.
Sold for (£): 20

Ferrari 206/246 Dino illuminated sign 1970s.

Lot: 138
Original Dino dealership service sign from the 1970s.
Sold for (£): 4,080

Ferrari 512 Boxer 2-piece leather luggage set.

Lot: 139
In very good condition, complete with locks, keys and dust bags. 
Buy now for (£): 4,960Contact us

Ferrari Panerai Rattrapante clock.

Lot: 140
Panerai dealer's Rattrapante wall clock.
Sold for (£): 1,800

Set of four Steve McQueen posters.

Lot: 141
Mr McQ, still at the top of the 'Cool' charts.
Sold for (£): 600

"Red 5-Double World Champion" by Tony Smith

Lot: 142
"Red 5-Double World Champion". 
Sold for (£): 80

Senna vs Mansell, photograph.

Lot: 143
Unusual image. Signed Nigel Mansell CBE.
Sold for (£): 50

Porsche original by Simon Ward

Lot: 144
Dramatic image of a 917 at Le Mans.
Buy now for (£): 620Contact us

Niki Lauda by Alan Stammers.

Lot: 145
Niki Lauda and Ferrari signed print.
Sold for (£): 40

Motorsport related posters.

Lot: 146
Four rare motor racing posters.
Buy now for (£): 620Contact us

Chequered flag waving Mr Drip.

Lot: 147
'Mr Drip'. Chequered flag man. 
Sold for (£): 340

British Grand Prix.Gold Leaf Lotus 49.

Lot: 148
Tony Upson original.
Sold for (£): 260

Ferrari F40 seats.

Lot: 149
Pair of Ferrari F40 seats.
Buy now for (£): 16,910Contact us

Benetton F1 wind tunnel model.

Lot: 150
Benetton B188 25% scale wind tunnel model.
Sold for (£): 840

Ford Cosworth DFV HB V8 Formula 1 engine.

Lot: 151
Ford Cosworth DFV HB V8 Formula 1 engine.
Sold for (£): 13,800

*** REGRETFULLY WITHDRAWN***Goodyear Eagle F1 Grand Prix racing clock.

Lot: 152
Goodyear Eagle F1 Grand Prix racing tyre with fitted clock.
Regretfully Withdrawn

Niki Lauda helmet.

Lot: 153
Full-size tribute crash helmet.
Sold for (£): 360

Mr Drip driving his racing car.

Lot: 155
Esso's Mr Drip looking cool.
Sold for (£): 240

'24 Heures Du Mans' .

Lot: 156
The Gulf 917 by Tony Upson.
Sold for (£): 480

Nigel Mansell CBE by Craig Warwick.

Lot: 157
"Our Nige" in classic Craig Warwick style.
Sold for (£): 30