International Trophy Sale 2013

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Riva Aquariva 36” model boat

Lot No.: 281

Sold for (£): Unsold

Riva is a revered Italian yacht builder whose work is praised for its speed, beauty and craftsmanship. When introduced in 1962, models such as the Aquarama were praised as the Ferrari of the boat world and such was the continued success of the brand that more than three decades of production were chalked up for that model alone!

This 36" (3ft) model replicates a later Aquariva - a boat that, maybe more than any others, represents the natural conjunction point between the past Riva and the one of the future. Elegant and sinuous lines, the presence of precious woods, the absolute care to detail and the quality of construction from robust materials make this imposing model a must for the office or study of the most discerning boat enthusiast.

Crafted from precious wood and finished to a high standard of paint and varnish, with chromed accessories and brass propellers and rudders, this is a large model, as special as that which it replicates, but offering a significant saving on the mooring and fuel costs for the real thing!