2011 Silverstone Classic Sale

Bugatti Owners' Club Badge and Bentley Drivers' Club Badge

Lot: 24
Two early post-war car club badges; including Bugatti Owners Club and...
Sold for (£): 110

Ex Button BAR/Honda Nose-Cone

Lot: 25
A Jenson Button track used BAR/Honda nose-cone with fire-proofs
Sold for (£): 300

Motor Club Badges

Lot: 26
Three early post-war motor racing club car badges including BRSCC, BARC...
Sold for (£): Result to follow

Jenson Button Fireproof Tops

Lot: 27
Two pairs of Jenson Button's fire-proof tops
Sold for (£): 70

Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin Original Artwork

Lot: 28
A Paul Dove original chalk and pastel of Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin in...
Sold for (£): 700

Donald Campbell Painting

Lot: 29
A Paul Dove original of Donald Campbell
Sold for (£): Result to follow

Gerry Marshall Race Used Crash Helmet

Lot: 30
A red, white and blue race used Gerry Marshall crash helmet
Sold for (£): 300

Gerry Marshall Bell-Star Full-Face Helmet

Lot: 31
A race used Gerry Marshall Bell-Star full face helmet.
Sold for (£): 600

Gerry Marshall Bell Full-Face Helmet

Lot: 32
The late, legendary Gerry Marshall's full-face Bell crash helmet.
Sold for (£): 250

1959 Tour De France Car Badge

Lot: 33
Tour de France - a chrome plated and enamel competitors car badge from...
Sold for (£): Result to follow