Silverstone Classic Sale 2018

Bentley 3D hand painted wall sign.

Lot: 344
Bentley (Blue Train?) 3D hand-painted wall sign, 120cmx60cm.
Sold for (£): Unsold

Pair of Bentley S1 tail lights (NOS).

Lot: 345
Tail lights and an original Sharp radio from 1956.
Sold for (£): Unsold

A splendid collection of motoring books.

Lot: 346
A single owner's collection.
Sold for (£): 336

WW2 RAF Sector Clock.

Lot: 347
WW2 Royal Air Force 'Sector Clock', dated 1943.
Sold for (£): 1,680

Jaguar XJ220 Parts Manual

Lot: 348
Incredibly rare Jaguar XJ220 parts manual.
Sold for (£): 96

Ferrari 330P 'Junior' Race Car

Lot: 349
A driveable, 1/2 scale replica of the 1965 Le Mans 330P. 240cm in length.
Sold for (£): 3,840

Lotus wall sign.

Lot: 350
Airbrushed and lacquered, measuring 1mx1m.
Sold for (£): 360

"Gulf Porsche".

Lot: 351
By Tony Upson, 79cmx124cm.
Sold for (£): 420

Ferrari metal shield, signedNigel Mansell CBE and Scheckter

Lot: 352
Drop forged metal shield of the Ferrari ‘Prancing Horse’.
Sold for (£): 264

Ferrari Panerai Rattrapante Clock.

Lot: 353
Only supplied to authorized Panerai dealers.
Sold for (£): 1,560