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'Snakes and Ladders' By Tim Layzell

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Innes Ireland was a racing driver of the 'Old School'. In many ways his racing career came a decade too late, the advancing professionalism of international motor racing leaving little room for the hard drinking, hard driving mentality which pervaded the post-war years and was exemplified by the likes of Hawthorn, Collins and Duncan Hamilton. But while Innes raced mainly for fun - for the hell of it - he was truly a driver of the front rank. A TT and Grand Prix winner, his raw speed and competitive nature saw him drive for many of the top teams of the time, including Shelby American. Here, during the 1964 Targa Florio, Innes wrestles the big, 289 Cobra through the Sicilian mountains in pursuit of the Ferrari GTO of Luigi Mosca and Fortinbras while in the background a Porsche 904 spins. The Cobra was unsuited to the sinuous mountain circuit and Ireland charged to no avail - his Kansan team mate crashing the Cobra through a wall and into retirement. The Ferrari also retired while the race was won by the small, nimble 2-litre Porsche 904 GTS of Pucci and Davis. There's no substitute for cubic inches...? Limited Edition, one of just 450 hand signed and numbered by the artist Tim Layzell and Giclee Printed on very high quality 308 gsm art paper. Custom mounted in a high-quality brushed aluminium frame complete with COA.

90cm x 75cm 5kg