2013 The Silverstone Classic Sale

A winged Bentley wall hanging sign

Lot: 140
The timeless Bentley wings in cold cast aluminium measuring 150cm in...
Sold for (£): 460

Raised laurel leaf framed Alfa Romeo wall hanging roundel

Lot: 141
A beautiful laurel leaf roundel of the striking Alfa Romeo logo in Blue...
Sold for (£): Unsold

Evocative hand-painted Bugatti oval wall hanging sign

Lot: 142
A cold cast in aluminium Bugatti Oval sign, hand-painted and measuring...
Sold for (£): 315

Mille Miglia wall hanging sign

Lot: 143
Evocative of the legendary Italian road event, a Mille Miglia display...
Sold for (£): 339

A cold cast Aston Martin DB5 emblem

Lot: 144
A fine Aston Martin DB5 logo in cold cast aluminium.
Sold for (£): 266

An Aston Martin chassis plate wall hanging sign

Lot: 145
A cold caste aluminium Aston Martin chassis plate, 60 x 100cm
Sold for (£): 240

A winged 'Aston Martin' wall hanging sign

Lot: 147
A cold cast aluminium winged Aston Martin wall hanging sign, 140cm long.
Sold for (£): Unsold

'Zagato' wall hanging sign

Lot: 148
The legendary "Z" of Zagato, Milan, the coach building and design legends
Sold for (£): 218

A large size set of Royal Coat of Arms

Lot: 149
A hand painted Royal Endorsement specification coat of arms
Sold for (£): 230