The Silverstone Classic Sale 2016

Aston Martin Showroom Light Box

Lot: 211
An Aston Martin showroom light box, 40x75x12cm depicting Sir Stirling...
Sold for (£): 124

Maserati Display Spark Plug

Lot: 212
Cold-cast aluminium hand painted 3D Maserati Spark Plug. 120cm tall. 7kg
Sold for (£): 372

Maserati Badge Sign

Lot: 213
A Cold Cast aluminium Maserati rectangular badge standing 120cm high 10kg
Sold for (£): 446

1975 British Grand Prix Marshals Red Flag Signed by 12 drivers Inc James Hunt & Nicki Lauda

Lot: 214
Unrepeatable opportunity to have all these great names together
Sold for (£): 682

Daytona 917

Lot: 216
A large print of a Porsche 917 at speed on the Daytona banking in the...
Sold for (£): 62

Lamborghini Muira Watercolour

Lot: 217
A large and most impressive watercolour of a Lamborghini Muira, framed...
Sold for (£): 434

Lancia Ferrari D50

Lot: 218
An original oil on canvas painting of a Lancia - Ferrari D50, at speed...
Sold for (£): 248

Pair of Richard Wade Prints

Lot: 219
A pair of nostalgic limited edition prints by Richard Wade entitled,...
Sold for (£): 62

Four Humorous Motor Racing Prints

Lot: 220
Four humorous limited edition prints of various motor racing topics by...
Sold for (£): 112

Lewis Hamilton Montage

Lot: 221
A large montage of Lewis Hamilton celebrating his 2008 Formula 1 World...
Sold for (£): 74