The Silverstone Classic Sale 2016

1980 'Nitro Ground Shaker' Pinball Table

Lot: 252
This amazing game plays and feels like new. It has always been in...
Sold for (£): Unsold

Gulf Oil Drum

Lot: 253
Gulf Oil Drum workshop table. A handmade and painted wooden oil drum on...
Sold for (£): 744

Steve McQueen Porsche

Lot: 254
"Steve McQueen Porsche". An original acrylic on sheet metal painting by...
Sold for (£): 682

Ferrari 250 GTO

Lot: 255
"Ferrari 250 GTO". An original framed acrylic on board painting by Tony...
Sold for (£): 1,240

Porsche Racer

Lot: 256
"Porsche Racer". A framed original Tony Upson acrylic on canvas...
Sold for (£): 1,550

Gulf Oil Girls

Lot: 257
"Gulf Oil Girls".  An original acrylic on canvas painting by Tony...
Sold for (£): 1,488

Ferrari Engine Block Coffee Table

Lot: 258
A Ferrari V8 engine block table. Created from an F105 V8 block, which...
Sold for (£): 868

Tony Brooks-Vanwall Print

Lot: 259
A signed Tony Brooks print depicting the start of the Grand Prix De...
Sold for (£): 50

Juan Manuel Fangio French GP Print

Lot: 260
A print of Juan Manuel Fangio driving his Maserati at the Grand...
Sold for (£): 124

A Pair Of BRM Prints.

Lot: 261
A pair of BRM prints , of Jim Clark and Sir Jackie Stewart, both framed...
Sold for (£): 37