International Trophy Sale 2013

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Three Motoring Prints + Assorted Lots of Automobilia and Racing Memrabilia

Lot No.: 136

Sold for (£): 212

One 1960 Autographed advertising poster- 1960 Monaco Grand Prix.

Printed on stiff art paper, lightly mounted on hardboard, in excellent condition, with five autographs, including Roy Salvadori and Paul Frere. (90cmx60cm)


One Framed ERA Print.

A framed and glazed print by Micheal Turner of an ERA leading two other cars through a corner at Goodwood. (30cmx34cm)


One Framed and Glazed Ferrari poster.

A Ferarri poster depicting 50 years of road cars 1947-1997. Framed and Glazed. (60cmx42cm)


An assorted lot of automobilia consisting of 2 BRM books, a Les Leston steering wheel, ashtray, a selection of Motion Sport books-publications and various Le Mans 24 Hour race memorabilia. Programmes and posters and more.