The Silverstone Classic Sale 2017

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Wittnauer Wrist StopWatch

Lot No.: 619

Sold for (£): 480

Wittnauer was a watch and timepiece company, founded in 1885 by swiss immigrant Albert Wittnauer. Wittnauer had a very interesting history with a close association with watches and instruments in early aviation and in 1950 was bought and run by Longines until 1995 when it became part of the swatch group.

This rare and unusual wrist stop watch has a 52mm diameter case which has a rotating bezel that locks with the button on the left. It has 2 stopwatch pushers, the top that starts and stops the timer and the bottom that returns the hands to zero. The bottom pusher has a nerled screw button that will tighten against the pusher to eliminate the chances of the timer been zeroed by accident. The dial is white/creme with black arabic numbers round to 60. The hands are black for seconds and red for minute recording. The movement is a manual wind lever escapement type made and signed Heuer. The watch is presented on a practical rubber strap all in good condition. The watch has exceptional provenance and would be the perfect period addition to your racing experience.