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Lot No. 351 - 1976 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3 Jump Jet

Sold for: £105,800

The Harrier Jump Jet will go down in history as one of the all time great classic British Aircraft!
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Serial number: XZ132Construction number: 41H-712191Engine Number: 8925The Harrier Jump Jet will go down in history as one of the all time great classic British Aircraft: A shining example of British ingenuity and innovation at its best. The Harrier GR Mk3 was the Royal Air Forces V/STOL (vertical / Short Take Off and Land) close support and reconnaissance aircraft which saw front line service with the RAF for over 20 years. This is a unique opportunity to acquire Harrier serial number XZ132 which first flew in 1976 and served a distinguished 15 year flying career with the Royal Air Force. She has seen service in RAF Germany during the Cold War, Belize (1417 FLT) and the Falklands (1453 FLT). She has been operated by all the RAF Harrier Squadrons (1 Sqn, 3 Sqn, 4 Sqn, 233 OCU).Featured in the June issue of Jets Magazine and labelled as the ‘Best Of The Best' this Harrier has been described as the cleanest first generation RAF Harrier you will get the chance to own. Condition is so good in fact that there is serious potential for a future return to flight project. A mass of documentation and paperwork is available including over 70Kg of job cards dating back to 1976. The aircraft has been preserved incredibly well, to almost time capsule conditions, having never been kept outside and being dry stored in a heated building for last 22 years. There is no corrosion, the paint and markings are fresh, bright and original. Mechanical components appear to be in tip top condition. The aircraft looks like it landed yesterday.After being retired from active service XZ132 spent the last 22 years at RAF College Cranwell where she was used for instructional purposes. Nothing horrendous a mere training aid for trainee engineering officers to be taught about aerodynamics, flying controls and documentation. Up until 2013 the aircraft was kept regularly hydraulically and electrically live. The current owner acquired the aircraft in November 2013 and has spent the last six months preparing the aircraft to the highest possible standard, fitting gun pods and a full complement of pylons, sourcing a selection of missing external panels the majority of which have been purchased as brand new stock items. The end result is stunning as you can see from the photos.The aircraft comes with the Rolls Royce Pegasus Mk103 engine, not currently fitted to the aircraft but in a wheeled transit stand. For display purposes a photo decal engine blank is fitted in the intake as well as a full set of engine nozzles. The aircraft is externally complete. Cockpit interior is very good and around 95% complete with the original Mk9A Martin Baker ejection seat installed (inert). The aircraft is hydraulically intact and with minimal work could be made electrically live again. Some minor internal components are missing such as the water tank, a handful of fuel pipes, some avionics boxes from the rear avionics bay and the air motor. All flying control actuators are present as well as reaction nozzles that would control the aircraft when in the hover. The aircraft is ready to display as a museum exhibit, gate guardian or centerpiece to a private collection. The aircraft is being sold for display purposes only and is not currently airworthy. All armaments and weapons systems have been removed.The buyer will have the opportunity to purchase a professional full delivery and assembly service including international containerised shipping where necessary. International shipping will be subject to UK export control approval which will take around 6 weeks to process. International customers are requested to check with Silverstone Auctions in advance to ensure that export to your country could be undertakenMarket value for an aircraft of this pedigree is nearly impossible to gauge, as such no price estimate has been shown. To the best of our knowledge a Harrier Gr3 of this calibre has never before been offered for public auction. Considering the history, provenance and the fact that the aircraft is so original and complete, along with the presence of documentation and paperwork this really is an exciting opportunity, especially as the aircraft has been entered with No Reserve!Last flown: 8/10/90. Total Hrs: 3193

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