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Lot No. 633 - 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback Eleanor Evocation

Sold for: £81,000

Stunning Eleanor recreation with outstanding quality and detail
Details Specification

The most famous of all Mustangs is known as 'Eleanor', the Shelby GT500 that starred in the 1974 B-film 'Gone in Sixty Seconds', which was remade in 2000 with Nicholas Cage starring as the car-stealing central character. Such is the continuing level of interest in this type of car that production of a GT500E has resumed in America with Carroll Shelby's blessing, using recycled original Mustang bodyshells. Needless to say, the film created a new wave of interest in the Mustang, with a number of enthusiasts fitting the latest modifications and performance products into original Mustang fastback bodies. This original 'S' code 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback has undergone a 2000 plus hour restoration to full Shelby GT500 specification. It's rotisserie based rebuild saw the original body sandblasted back to bare metal, then shaped and formed into a highly accurate 'Eleanor', right down to the formed metal wheel arches. The Redline Weber fuel injected engine is a Ford 427 cubic inch V8 mated to an uprated 5 speed Tremec T5 transmission. Additional engine modifications include; a Scat 4340 Crankshaft with 4'' strokes, Scat 6.2''H Beam Rods, KB Forged Flat Top Pistons, Clevite Bearings and a Ford Racing Aluminium Tall Valve Cover. In turn, this Mustang is not for the faint hearted and requires a delicate right foot in order to fully exploit its reputed monstrous 500+ bhp performance. Finished in Dupont paint in the correct Pepper Grey metallic with black Stripes, further improvements have been made to all drivetrain, suspension and braking components. The highest performing Baer disc brakes feature front and rear 13" drilled and slotted rotors with four pot calipers, master cylinder, proportioning valve and all associated fittings and lines. A brand new high-performance Zoom 10.5'' Clutch has been fully set up with cable conversion. The suspension boasts Vari-Shock fully adjustable dampers and the latest ‘G Bar' Independent Rear End with Flaming River power rack and pinion steering. The resulting handling experience ensures that this Mustang can corner effectively at speed as nearly every component has been carefully selected to compliment modern driving conditions with 7 litre V8 power. In addition, a number of modern refinements were specified by the previous owner such as 'Old Air Products' reverse cycle air-conditioning/heater, remote alarm, Pioneer CD/tuner and speakers and PIAA driving lights. Finally, A 2.25'' rear outlet exhaust system with Tri-Y headers and Stainless tips produces an orchestral V8 roar that is sure to set off any car alarm in the near vicinity. Immediately after his purchase of the car in 2011, our vendor, who is a knowledgeable automotive engineer, set about a number of jobs that he felt needed to be done. The steering mechanism was simplified, the car's ride height raised slightly, the dampers re-set and the corner weights balanced and the car now handles much better and is considerably easier to live with. The handbrake was rebuilt completely and now works, and the fuel tank has been properly vented. The American engine management arrangements were binned, and a race proven, state of the art 'Motec'management system was fitted, and when the fuelling and ignition were correctly set up- 'Hey Presto'- another 150 horses were able to come out and play. Two new bespoke exhaust manifolds were fabricated at a cost of £900 each and look stunning and finally, a set of tailor-made, silicone HT leads have just been fitted. No expense has been spared in sourcing the very best parts, with incredible attention to detail, to create one of the finest 'Eleanor' mustangs we have ever seen.    

Year of manufacture:
Chassis number:
# of cylinders:
Engine capacity:
Body colour:
Right-hand Drive
Registration number:
OCR 114E
Mustang GT Fastback Eleanor
Interior colour:
Black leather

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