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Lot No. 904 - 2010 Land Rover Defender 90 6 Seat Automatic

Sold for: £40,500

Exceptionally rare automatic soft top Defender 90.
Details Specification

After a run of more than 60 years, the Land Rover Defender finished production on January 29th, 2016, marking the end (possibly) of a true British motoring legend that will be remembered forever, mainly because most of them will still be running! The Defender always sat happily alongside the Range Rover and the Discovery in Land Rover’s model line-up, eschewing those cars luxury trimmings for no-nonsense straight-edged styling and a utilitarian interior. For what it lacks in refinement and on-road enjoyment, there's absolutely nothing that can touch the Land Rover Defender off-road. It has an incredibly solid chassis, high ground clearance, amazing axle articulation, and four-wheel drive with low range gearing, and can effectively cope with almost anything the elements throw at it. However, up until now, the elements have not troubled the stunning 2010, Defender 90 Pick Up for sale here. It has never been out in the rain. I'll say that again, 8,222 miles and it's never been out in the rain! Our vendor has enjoyed some success in business and has allied his creative talents with an ability to clarify what he is trying to achieve and what he hopes to find at the end of it. He obviously applies the same principles to his motor vehicles, as in 2010, when he was looking for a new Land Rover he settled on a Defender 90 Pick Up but felt the need to create something a bit special, and the team at LR Special Vehicle Operations were happy to help. He was not interested in 'bling', the opposite in fact, as he was keen to have his new vehicle look as traditional as possible. It was specified with a much earlier grille, the older heavy-duty wheels, and the car was to be painted in metallic 'Galway Green', a shade akin to the Land Rover greens of old but just a bit more special, sophisticated without being flash. To fulfil its primary role of moving people, a body-coloured full roll-cage was installed which is surprisingly unobtrusive and serves as a perfect frame for the new canvas top. To add to the comfort of those in the back, the seats are covered in a Leaf green leather, the canvas top has roll-up sides with 'clear vision' panels, the rear door swings to the side, and there is a rear mounting step. However, the request that led to a sharp intake of breath at Land Rover was our vendor's wish for an Automatic Gearbox! Whatever next? Now, we can all conjure up an image of a sturdy Welsh lass with a lamb under each arm, changing gear with her left knee and steering with her right, whilst whistling to her two sheepdogs and balancing a can of Brains Bitter on the dashboard, and I'm sure that there are a few good folk that could manage that, but the majority of newish Land Rover Defenders perform their daily duties in less rural circumstances. In suburban areas, most of these vehicles are used to deliver the kids to school, collect friends from the pub, drop off some feed at the stables and pick up some compost from the garden centre etc. Not jobs usually carried out by the 'man of the house', and for those of a slighter build, getting on a bit or with a dodgy left knee an 'Automatic' transforms the whole process.  Land Rover agreed, and our vendor was the proud possessor of, what may be, the only Automatic, Defender 90 in existence. Otherwise, this vehicle is conventional and powered by the traditional, 2401 cc, 4-cylinder, 120bhp, diesel with which we are all familiar. It's covered just over 8,000 miles in the last five years and is in the sort of condition that you might expect of a much-loved and well-maintained family car that has never been out in the rain. Sold with a current MoT and all its relevant manuals, this fabulous understated, possibly unique, Land Rover is ready for a new owner. Just don't get it wet!!!  

Year of manufacture:
Land Rover
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# of cylinders:
Engine capacity:
Body colour:
Right-hand Drive
Registration number:
Defender 90 6 Seat Automatic
Engine number:
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