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Lot No. 364 - 1937 Morgan 4/4

Sold for: £13,500

An affordable classic Morgan 4/4 Series I...
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Of all the classic British post-war roadsters produced, no other car is quite as distinctive and easily recognised as a Morgan and particularly the 4/4 with its, nearly, eighty years of presence on our roads. The 4/4 name indicated that this model had 4 wheels and 4 cylinders and the general appearance of the car hasn't altered much in all those years. With a simple and strong drive train, agile handling and a truly visceral, sporting ride quality, driving a well-sorted Morgan is regularly grin (and occasionally grimace) inducing. Its timeless styling never fails to turn heads and generate appreciation, strange when you think they have been around forever, and they are perennial favourites at shows and touring events. This particular Morgan 4/4 is a Series I model from 1937 which was discovered in a barn in 1994 by a previous owner. He then proceeded to restore the car with a new chassis and ash frame and finish it in Malvern Red with a black leather interior. The original engine has been replaced by a Triumph Herald unit. At the end of 2015, the car had a brake overhaul which included, a new master cylinder and new brake lines, and at the same time, the handbrake was adjusted, new universal joints were fitted, and the engine timing was checked and adjustments made. Purchasers should be aware that the hood is missing - ensuring you will be a true Morgan driver with the wind in your hair and water running down the back of your neck! This beautiful little car represents a wonderful opportunity to own one of Malvern's finest. If you don't fancy a Morgan then this car will be of no interest, but if you do, this Triumph engined, Series 1 is sensibly guided to enable you to devote some attention to this classic of classics, and at least buy a hood.

Year of manufacture:
Chassis number:
# of cylinders:
Engine capacity:
Body colour:
Right-hand Drive
Registration number:
CPT 204
Engine number:
Interior colour:
Brown leather

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