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Lot No. 333 - 1972 Porsche 911T (S-spec)

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Lovely period 'E-Series' fully restored and upgraded to S-spec  
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1972 'E-Series', non-sunroof car fully restored and upgraded to 'S' spec Full body restoration including new wings, doors, quarter panels and superbly finished in Gulf Blue Mechanical restoration including engine rebuild (dyno shows 177.5 bhp), new clutch, exhaust, oil pipes, wheels refurbished Interior fully retrimmed in Black. Upgrades include digital radio with blue tooth and hands-free  Document wallet, owners manual, 2 sets of keys, tracker, immobiliser. Recent service and MoT. The registration number illustrated does not form part of the sale   The first of countless upgrades to the perennial 911 came in 1966, two years after production had commenced, with the introduction of the 911S. Easily distinguishable by its stylish Fuchs five-spoked alloy wheels, the 'S' featured a heavily revised engine producing 160bhp. In 1967 the 911T (Touring) was introduced as a new base model, initially with the 2.0-litre engine in 110bhp form before adopting the 2.2-litre unit along with the rest of the range in 1969, by which time the 911's wheelbase had been extended by 57mm to tame the sometimes wayward handling. Such was the 911's success that within a few years Porsche was selling cars faster than it could build them, a state of affairs that led to a substantial proportion being manufactured by coachbuilder Karmann at its Osnabrook factory. By this time the models on offer had stabilised at three: the entry-level 911T, middle-ranking 911E, and top-of-the-range 911S, all of which were available as either a closed coupé or Targa convertible. With the 2.2-litre engine's arrival, a common type of cylinder head was adopted, the differing power outputs being determined principally by valve timing rather than valve sizes as had been the case hitherto. In 1972 all 911 variants received the 2,341cc (nominally 2.4-litre) unit, which in 'T' specification produced a maximum of 130bhp, the same output as the original 911 of 1963. Often regarded as the perfect car for weekend racers, the 911'S' always had a more sporty and race-worthy appeal when compared to the 911T and 911E models it ran alongside. The 1972 911 S model is one of the most highly collected combining the powerful 2.4-litre engine and the confidence-inspiring handling of the longer wheelbase and many consider it to be the final classic 911 before the 2.7-litre cars. Visually, the 1972 2.4-litre 'S' sported a new chin spoiler on the front valance that became standard on the S models and optional on the rest of the lineup and the Fuchs alloys were appropriately wider. This smart 911 began life as a 911T and at some point underwent a full body and mechanical restoration and upgrade resulting in what is, effectively, a 911S. The body was fitted with new wings, doors, quarter panels, etc and superbly finished in a period Gulf Blue, and the wheels were fully refurbished. The interior and seating were retrimmed in Black using the correct period materials and upgraded with a digital radio with Bluetooth and hands-free.  The 2.4-litre engine was rebuilt and fitted with new oil pipes, a new clutch, and exhaust system. We understand that a Dyno print out indicates an output of 177.5bhp. There are two large A4 folders detailing the full body and mechanical restoration which, we are advised, couldn't be replicated for less than £140K plus the donor vehicle. The Porsche is fitted with an immobiliser and a Tracker and is accompanied by a document wallet, owner's manual, and both sets of keys. It has recently been serviced and issued with a fresh MoT Certificate. NB; The cherished number, '1 BRA' does not form part of the sale.

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