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Lot No. 462 - 1996 Porsche 911 (993) Carrera RS

Sold for: £1

SOLD for an undisclosed amount. The 993 RS was undoubtedly Stuttgart's most pure and refined form of the final generation, air-cooled 911.
Details Specification
  • An original French-market, left-hand drive, RS finished in Speed Yellow with the Clubsport Aero kit
  • 3.8-litre flat-6, VarioRam intake and remapped ECU create 300bhp fed to the rear wheels
  • Imported to the UK in 1999 and enjoys a full and detailed history since then
  • The car was re-shelled with a genuine Porsche AG-supplied 993 RS shell when it was a year old (in 1997)
  • Matching numbers (engine/gearbox) and remains in standard factory specification
  • Refreshed in 2015 by Fast Lane of St Albans (Porsche-approved body shop) due to minor paint defects
  • 55,148km (34,267 miles), only two UK owners and carefully stored for the last three years 
  • Superbly presented in a fabulous colour this 993 RS offers some of the most visceral thrills available in a road-going Porsche

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Perhaps the most focused and fastest normally aspirated Porsche 911 produced by the factory to date is the 993 Carrera RS 3.8, a veritable ‘wolf in wolf’s’ clothing which makes no attempt to hide its singular intent of covering ground as quickly as possible. This extremely rare and desirable car was the ultimate evolution of Porsche’s Type 993, and in turn, was a step up from the 964 RS. As Porsche historian Karl Ludvigsen wrote in his authoritative ‘Excellence Was Expected’, “the RS 3.8 was one of several models built to fulfil the company’s grass-roots commitment to GT racing.”

It was based on the Carrera Cup competition car and specifically conceived as a homologation special (RSR3.8) in a sufficient quantity (at least 50 units) to qualify it for the BPR GT3 and GT4 categories. It was offered only to the European market and appeared after the original 3.6-litre engine RS of 1992 had gone out of production. The 3.8, says Ludvigsen, represented the first major alteration to the 964’s air-cooled six. The standard 3.6-litre engine of the Carrera RS was bumped up to 3,746 cubic centimetres by an increase in its bore to 102 millimetres, but it still retained the RS’ standard 76.4-millimetre stroke.

This engine, the Type M64/20, was fitted with Porsche’s innovative Varioram variable-length intake system, and with 11.6:1 compression, it produced a very healthy 300bhp at 6,500 rpm (with a 7,100 rpm limit) and 262ft⋅lb.ft of torque at 5,400 rpm. Ludvigsen also noted that the 3.8 boasted newly designed forged pistons of reduced height and a relocated wrist pin, both of which helped keep piston weight below that of the base engine. The new engine also featured dual oil coolers and lightened rocker arms. The latest version (2.10) of the Bosch Motronic engine-management system kept tight control over both the twin-plug ignition and the fuel delivery through individual-port throttle bodies. A new hot-film sensor replaced the previous flapper-valve arrangement, and at the exhaust end of the equation, waste gasses were fed through a pair of catalytic converters and out the twin tailpipes.

Along with the engine updates, an important component of this competition-oriented machine was to make it as light as possible. The RS was brought down to a svelte 1,280kgs by deleting such amenities as the headliner, electric windows, electric mirrors, central locking, intermittent windscreen wipers, radio speakers, power-adjustable seats, a rear defroster, airbags, and sound insulation. Removal of all these bits resulted in an effective weight loss of 100kgs. The 3.8 RS package added a number of performance features to the car, which included thinner window glass (reminiscent of that used on the famed 1973 RS 2.7), simplified interior lighting, an alloy front boot lid and doors, lightweight interior door cards, Recaro sports seats, a front strut brace, ball-joint front damper mounts, and adjustable anti-roll bars with five positions for the 24mm front bar and three positions for the 21mm rear piece. There was also a limited-slip differential, an anti-lock system for the 993 Turbo brakes with red callipers, ABD traction control, and bodywork, which included a large adjustable fibreglass Group 1 rear wing with ram-air intakes in place of the modest fixed tail spoiler that came on the lesser RS.

There are also special rocker panel fairings and small winglets at the front corners of the deeper front spoiler, both of which were shown in wind-tunnel testing to assist in guiding air past the wheel openings, and air ducts are present in the nose to assist with brake cooling. Inside, the cockpit boasts drilled pedals and an additional dead-pedal, a centre storage console, a 930 S-style steering wheel, and an emergency ignition shut-off.

Power is delivered through a Type G50/31 six-speed manual transmission, with its gearing optimised for acceleration rather than top speed. Immense 265/35ZR-18R tyres in the rear and 225/40ZR-18 tyres in the front are mounted on specially made 18-inch “Speedline for Porsche” three-piece, light-alloy wheels with magnesium centres,( 9" front and 11"rear).

The car presented here was delivered new on the 18th August 1996 via Porsche Velizy in France and is a 1996 Porsche 911 (993) RS, Chassis 390271, one of only 1,014 factory-built RS 3.8s. It benefits from being in arguably the best colour for a 993 RS, Speed Yellow, plus the fitment of the purposeful Aero Kit from an RS Clubsport.

In 1997, at only a year old, the car was re-shelled with a genuine (numbers-correct) Porsche AG-supplied 993 RS shell (given the special nature and expense of these homologation road cars, a re-shell might have been a necessity even if something heavy fell on the roof or bonnet). Given the newness, prestige and high value of the car in 1997, the re-shell would have been done via a Porsche-approved accredited body shop (most probably its supplying French Porsche dealership - but due to GDRP issues we are not able to confirm this). The doors, bonnet and panels all tally correctly with the new shell number.

Reassuringly, the current owner employed a UK Porsche specialist to check the body number stamped in new shell (under the rear shelf) and they have confirmed that it is a correct Porsche AG factory-supplied 993 RS shell from 1997 - the body number stamped is 0470002 - original shells start with a '1' rather than '0' which denotes a factory-supplied shell after production, the 4 denotes an RS shell and the 7 is for 1997 production of the shell. Obviously, this work would have been done to the highest possible standards, to ensure the car's integrity and value, having to pass Porsche's official checks and authorisation. This should give any buyer huge confidence and reassurance.

Vitally, the car retained its original engine/gearbox and refreshingly remains in standard factory specification. The car arrived in the UK in 1999, having its first UK owner from December 1999 until December 2017, then purchased by our vendor; it has a full and detailed history since being in the UK (our vendor is currently trying to trace the 3 years of older history), with its full book-pack and two keys. In 2015, the car was treated to a paint refresh by Fast Lane of St Albans (Porsche-approved body shop) due to minor stone chips.

Always professionally stored and well serviced, the mileage covered now is only just over 34,000 (55,148km)

This is a real opportunity to own a legendary modern-day classic from the Stuttgart stable, a car conceived at a time when Porsche was at the top of their game, producing special, properly rare road cars to enable them to push boundaries on the track.

Service history stamped in booklet:

(12/1999 imported to UK)

09/2001 – 26,881km - JAZ Porsche

10/2002 – 31,000km – JAZ Porsche

06/2004 – 33,772km – JAZ Porsche

04/2009 – 48,126km – JAZ Porsche

06/2010 – 49,636km – JAZ Porsche

10/2013 – 53,190km – JAZ Porsche

09/2015 – 54,774km – JAZ Porsche

02/2018 – 55,097km – Autostore Europe Ltd.

10/2020 – 55,154km – Porsche Service Cambridge

Invoices for the above are present as well as others for things such as tyres/brakes etc.



Year of manufacture:
Chassis number:
# of cylinders:
Engine capacity:
Body colour:
Speed Yellow
Left-hand Drive
Registration number:
911 (993) RS
Engine number:
Interior colour:
Odometer Reading:

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