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Lot No. 335 - The solid gold twin bar watch band worn by Stirling Moss for 38 years!

Sold for: £67,850

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During his early career, Stirling became tired of replacing leather watch straps regularly soiled by the oil coming back when driving front-engined cars. He set about designing a watch band that he could not only inter-change different watches with but also designed to easily clean after every race. An adjustable clasp was also incorporated in the design to accommodate different sized watches.

The solid Gold watch band offered here is the actual watch band he designed and was made by his chosen jeweller Schindler of London in 1954. It is engraved to the adjustment clasp S.M. 

Stirling wore this watch band in over 200 races and until 1992 when his sponsorship began with Chopard who replicated heavier bands for him to accommodate the larger and heavier watches they were producing at the time.

Three images come to mind of Stirling Moss. The plain white helmet, the no.7 on his car and the unusual twin bar watch band. Constantly worn by Stirling for 38 years the band shared many special moments in the globetrotting driver's adventures. These include 3 marriage ceremonies, 3 victories in the Monaco Grand Prix, and victory in the 1955 Mille Miglia driving the Mercedes no 722. Stirling was also wearing the watch band when he had his fateful accident at Goodwood in 1962 at Goodwood.

This truly unique and historic item was gifted to the vendor in 1996. Stirling inter-changed many watches over the years and the watch fitted when passing it to the vendor is a 1956 Gold Jaeger LeCoultre alarm watch in good working order, included in the sale. Stirling remarked to the vendor, "It came in handy if I was jet-lagged or I fancied a nap in between races. Problem was I couldn't hear it because of all the noise of the other cars, but it's a bloody nice watch".

This unique item must surely be one of the most historic and personal items ever to be offered by anyone involved in Grand Prix racing....without doubt, it could tell some truly amazing stories.

A collection of over 20  photos of Stirling wearing the watch over three decades accompanies this item.

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